Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I can't take credit for naming him this (one of you did), but it works. And I actually have no clue still what his name is, so MovieTheaterDude works. Refer to this post if you need background. Long story short...he texted me today and we met. It was with very little bullshit and fanfare, which was nice. Here is how it went:

MovieTheaterDude (10:07am) - Hey, its the dude from the theater the other day. Sup?

Me (10:19am) - yeah, i remember. just hanging out. sup w/ u?

MovieTheaterDude (10:55am) - I need some discrete head. you game? got the place to myself.

Me (10:58am) - sounds good. i need it bad. just say when and where.

MovieTheaterDude (11:06am) - XXXX NW 165th Terrace. When can you be here?

Me (11:10am) - let me shower and can be there in 30 minutes. cool?

MovieTheaterDude (11:12am) - cool. grey house on left, silver acura in driveway. come get it fag.

So, I think I put skid marks in the carpet on my way to brush my teeth and shower. I put on some new AF jeans, red hoodie and a flat brimed Quicksilver gold hat on and went on over. It was easy to find and was there with a few minutes to spare. I knocked on the front door and a minute later emerged MovieTheaterDude. He was actually a hell of a lot cuter than even I remembered - definitely tall, brown hair, great blue eyes, an easy smile, was masculine, kinda goofy, but sexy as fuck. He let me in and then I followed him into a room to the right that was kinda a den with a couch and a desk and stuff. He then said "I can't fucking believe it is you. I knew it was you when I saw you at the movies, but never did I think I'd meet you." I responded "Yeah, kinda trippy. I asked Matt to not show those pics, but I guess it is good he did cause now I'm here." He said "Yeah, good shit. I could really use a fucking amazing blowjob." I said "Hell yea bro." I then took my hat off and then my sweatshirt (I like to be naked when I do things for guys, makes me feel more like a slut), put my hat back on, but then took my jeans off (no underwear as usual) and he just watched and smiled. He said "damn dude, nice body." I said thanks. I then got on my knees, opened my mouth as wide as I could and he stepped close to me and I sucked his dick through his jeans and felt it get hard. He held the back of my head and was just talking under his breath. I then unzipped his pants and continued to suck his cock through his boxers. It seemed to be nicely proportioned, good thickness, but was plenty hard. I finally let it loose and out popped a great cock, nice trimmed bush, and pointing straight at the sky with a big muchroom head. I grabbed it with my hand and began jacking him off with the head in my mouth. I then took him to the base and then began to slobber all over it without using my hands. Then I added my hand in to give him the full effect of a handjob/blowjob all at once. Once I started this, he started moaning and then eventually said "I'm gonna blow." I told him "Fuck yea dude, feed me and slam it down my throat please". That obviously got him going and he started really fucking my face real good and then I felt his boy juice release and hit the back of my throat and flood my mouth. I continued to suck and swallowed every drop. I released his cock and then went back to be sure I didn't leave any yummy cum. I then let him go (this all probably lasted maybe 15-20 minutes max) and got up off my knees and started to get dressed. He just had a great look on his face and said 'thanks' a couple different times. Once I was dressed, I sort of just started walking back towards the door to let myself out. He followed. I opened the door, told him 'thanks again' and to let me know if he ever needs it or any of his friends need it (another rule of a slut...when meeting a guy for the first time, be sure to offer your services again afterwards and always encourage him to mention it to his friends too. Word of mouth is a powerful tool). He said 'definitely' and then said "I'm sure glad Matt told me about you, that is exactly what I needed. Take it easy." And with that, I left.

I will be out of pocket for the next few days busy with things. But I am pleased to tease you all in that I have consecutive gangbangs tomorrow night and also on New Years Eve. Hell yes. And there is a good possibility I will be the game whore for the Rose Bowl game on Friday as well. Gonna be a busy rest of the week before heading back to school.

Happy New Years!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Got Fucked Like a Bitch

Got an email from a old fuckbud I knew when I was in high school this morning. Here is what he wrote:

Hey dude,

Long time no talk - you still around? Not sure if you are home for Christmas, but visiting my parents until New Year's Eve. Would be hot to fuck some ass while at home. Do you remember me? We fucked a few times at my apartment. I'm a dom alpha top into submissive guys who like to get fucked hard. Just looking for some fun with another guy who wants to be a sub bitch boy. I would love to use and abuse you. I am 6'2, 177# and work out. I am a masc and cocky jock with a twisted and dom side. I am really turned on by a sub jock who likes rough fun. I would love to use you like a pussy boy. Let me know if you want to meet up.

[Here are the pics he sent as well to remind me]

Of course I remembered him, but I hadn't seen any of these pics of him before and he has filled out nicely. And the fact that he is a dom type just turns my knobs for sure. So, I responded back immediately and said:
Hey man,
Yeah, of course I remember you. Always loved having you fuck me. I am definitely down and around for the week. Keep me posted. Would love to be your bitch boy for your use.
I got an email back like a hour later and he wrote:

Nice dude. I live in New York now, and been exploring my more dominant personality since graduating. Looking for a submissive jock who lets me push his boundaries. You want to give it a go? I'm free till 4pm.
Ch-ching. Absolutely. I emailed him back and I was at his house within 45 minutes. I showed up in a red AE sweatshirt, jeans and a my white vans. It was his parents house, but had the place to himself. I rang the doorbell, he answered in his underwear, and invited me in. We made some small talk for a minute and then he asked if I was ready to do as I was told. I said "Yes Sir". He had me strip down to my underwear and then he wanted to wrestle me in the family room. He told me he wanted me to try and win, but that I wouldn't and winner takes all. Uhhh...ok...whatever (not really into the whole wrestling thing, haven't done it other than in 7th grade gym class). So, we wrestled for a few minutes and it took him no time at all to have my face smashed into the carpet, my arms pinned behind my back in some weird pretzel-like way and told me to say uncle. I called him 'a stupid gym rat' and that really pissed him off. He kept me pinned and grabbed my nuts through my underwear and squeezed until I was literally screaming like a little girl. I eventually said uncle because I seriously couldn't handle the pain (that is another thing...I am not all that much into pain and shit). He then proceeded to lick the tears off my face and called me a pathetic faggot and spit on my face.

He then let me out of his death grip, and ordered me out of my underwear. I was hard as a fucking rock. He then sat back on the couch and ordered me to give him a tongue bath. He made me lick clean his feet, pits, abs, pecs, and then had me take his underwear off and clean his asshole, balls and finally cock. He kept spitting on my face while I did it too and calling me names and telling me what to do. Really got into being verbal and humiliating me. Laughed his ass off a few different times...he thought he was pretty awesome. He finally let me nurse his fat cock and made me get it really wet and sloppy and hard. When it was ready, he had me turn around, get on my hands and knees and he pounded the fuck outta my cunt doggie style. He kept asking "You like that bitch?" I kept saying "Yes Sir". That made him fuck harder. He eventually filled my pussy with his 'jock babies' as he called them.

He didn't want me to cum, said he could give a flying fuck less. Though, he left his mark by grabbing a sharpie pen from a desk in the kitchen and literally putting his John Hancock on my right ass cheek so that others would know he filled me. SO FUCKING HOT. I have a total fetish/fantasy about having guys mark me up with ba sharpie pen so I am reminded constantly what a cumdump bitch I am.
I was so horny still that I went to the porn store and had some random cock breed me again. I don't think he had any clue he was load #2 and he didn't say anything about the signature on my ass (disappointed). It was a quickie and the place was pretty dead so I headed out.
Just another day at the office. ;-) And it is only Monday. I love being a slut!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Avatar...My Reputation Proceeds Me

I went to see the movie Avatar in 3-D today with a couple friends. Good movie and worth seeing in the theater. The theater was packed wall to wall, so we were down in front close to the screen. I saw one guy there with two chicks who I thought was hot - very tall (like 6'4 maybe), had a flat brim hat, thin but could tell had some muscules and tone from his arms (had a short sleeve tshirt on), cute face. We caught eyes a couple of different time. The previews had begun and I decided to run out to the bathroom before things started. I got in there and was standing at the urinal. The guy I had noticed then stepped up to the urinal next to me. He then said "Dude, do I know you?" I said, mid-stream, "I don't know, do you?" He said "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I do. Seen some pictures of you from a friend. Know what I'm talking about?" I was shakin the piss out at this point and said "Well maybe, what kinda pictures and from who?" and he said "Pictures that only certain people know about and Matt XXX (leaving last name off to protect). Yes, I knew exactly what he was talking about. I turned around and went to go wash my hands and didn't answer him. He stepped up to the sink next to me and said "Don't worry dude, its all good. What's your number? I'll give you a call sometime and see what's up." I hesitated, but gave him my number, and then went back into the theater and watched the movie. I didn't see him after the movie, but am hoping he calls. And WRT the pictures he referenced, my bud Matt has some pics of me taken with his cell phone of me with his cock in my mouth and cum on my face. He said it was for his personal usage and to make sure I keep cumming back. I told him a picture isn't necessary, but he insisted. And like a good slut, I do as I'm told for dick and loads.

How did I become a cumdump?

Thanks for all the suggestions of what to write about here!!! I really appreciate it and still am blown away at the response I have gotten so far. I have had quite a few suggestions of what to write about (I plan to answer each and every one), but decided it made a ton of sense to start at the beginning.

Q: How did you become a cumdump?

I was 15 years old when I became a cumdumpster. I was going into my junior year in high school, it was summer time (August), and I was attending a soccer camp for one week (Sunday to Sunday). I planned to play soccer for school, I played in a "classics" league that was a year long program, and was at camp to brush up before try-outs. The camp was being held at a college campus and we even got to stay in dorm rooms for the week, which for a 15 year old was awesome. I had some friends at this particular camp, but out of the ~150 guys there, I maybe knew 10. Camp was fairly straight forward - workouts in the AM and scrimmage before lunch, then after lunch a few more scrimmages, drills, and a long run to make you hate everything about soccer to end the day. It was a pretty intense camp with very little time off, except for during lunch and in the evenings when they'd set up nighttime games and alot of guys would just do their own thing with their group of clicky friends.

On Wednesday after the AM scrimmages, I headed back to my dorm room to drop some things off and make a phone call before grabbing food. I was sharing the room with a friend of mine, Jason, but he wasn't around. Jason was ridiculous hot - about my height (6'), curly blonde hair, blue eyes, probably the most cut up body I knew that I had seen shirtless up close. I had jacked off about him before, so was welcoming the chance to see him up close and personal all week. I saw his underwear on the floor, so I picked it up and decided to jack off real quick before going to get some food. I sat on his bed, took my shorts and jock off, and whipped it out. I was imaging Jason with my eyes closed and his underwear in my face. I opened my eyes and Jason had walked in and gotten an eye full. Holy shit, so embarrassed! I tried to play it off, but he just laughed and asked WTF I was doing on his bed and with his underwear?! Called me a fucking freak and that was that. I kinda hoped it would never come up again.

That night after a very long day, I was back in the room, and thinking about calling it a day. Jason was in his bed reading something and I decided to say good night. He said good night and both our lights were out in about 10 minutes. A few minutes later, I could hear Jason jacking off. I just knew that was what he was doing. I couldn't resist and said "Dude, what you imagining over there?" He laughed and said nothing. I said yea right. Then a few minutes later I heard him at it again and I decided to just shut up. Then he spoke up and said "You think you could help me out over here?" I don't think I could have jumped any faster, I got up, and sat on the edge of his bed, he pulled his sheet down and showed me this enormous fucking cock (for a 15yo = like 8.5x6.5c). He said "You like? Will you help me get off?" I said sure, so I touched a dude's cock for the very first time and gave him a hand job. He then pulled me into him and kissed me, I kissed back. I ended up under his sheets and we played with each other for a while. Then he got on top of me and dry fucked me and I could hardly believe this was even happening. He then asked if he could fuck me. I told him I didn't know if I could, but sounds hot. So he took his sweet time spit lubing me and he did eventually get inside me, although it hurt like fuck. He fucked me for like 15 minutes, real gentle at first but picked up rhythm and had my knees at my ears, his arms holding them back as he pounded my cunt. He ended up cumming on my abs and I jacked off onto myself as well. Was an incredible first time with an extra hot dude, but did not necessary equate to being a cumdump...

The next day, I thought about the night before constantly and was wondering/hoping it would happen again the following night. Jason said nothing about it and the night ended uneventful. On Friday, the day went on and on, and that night, I was back in my room hanging out and Jason wasn't around. At about an hour before lights out, Jason and a friend of his (name was Nick) showed up. We made small talk and then Jason abruptly said "Dude, I gotta get in that pussy of yours again. I told Nick and he wants a piece too. You game?" I was pissed since I didn't want other people to know and was scared about who else he had told. I told him I guess so. He said good. He then had me strip naked for them and I sucked them both off and then they took turns finger fucking me and talking about it and then fucking me in Jason's bed. Was fucking awesome I admit, but I felt dirty afterwards. At lights out, Jason said "Hey, thanks again for tonight, can't believe you've never done this before." And that was that.
I was really angry at Jason the next day, but just went on with my day and kindof tried to forget about it. In reality, I had fantasized about what had happened over the last few days, so I shouldn't be pissed. After the run that night, Jason found me and asked what I was doing tonight. I told him I had planned to go chill with some friends in their room later. He said 'You gotta skip that, I need that pussy dude and I know a few others that do too." I was like WHAT!!! You got to be fucking kidding me, why are you telling others?! This is not for general knowledge...I have a girlfriend for christ sake! He said to chill out, that it wasn't general knowledge, but he knew some dudes who were into fuckin guys and chicks and he told them he knew a guy here who was a good fuck. I asked who they were, he avoided the question, and said, "Skip out on your plans and be back in the room around 7pm."

So, I strongly considered not being there, but I couldn't resist. Something inside me wanted/needed to be there and I couldn't stop thinking about getting fucked. It felt so incredibly good, almost immediately. I had read horror stories of how badly it hurt, but for me it felt natural from the get go. So, I was in the room by 7 and Jason showed up, but this time with 5 guys. I recognized all of them and was embarrassed as fuck since I knew they knew I was a fuckhole for cock now and didn't really want that reputation (that has changed entirely since then), I was scared shitless - how the fuck am I supposed to handle this, and I was fucking hard as a rock. Jason made formal introductions of everyone and then formally introduced me as "This is the cumdump I was telling you about." My name and calling was now official. He then intructed me to get down on my knees and they all circled around me and passed me around from cock to cock as I sucked them off and tried to keep up. At one point, someone was sitting on one of the beds and I was sucking them off and I felt someone come behind me, take my pants off, off and began to prod my ass. I was very tight and we didn't have any lube, but once they got started, my pussy went to work. And this time, they all came in my pussy. Each and every one of them left their baby juice inside me. I was scared to death that I was going to get HIV or some disease but absolutely LOVED the feeling of warm loads spraying inside me. It was my first gangbang, my first bareback session, and my indoctrination into being a cumdump.

Since that point, I have been a cumdump. I realized how much I loved it and how good I was at it and started actively seeking more. Some of the guys went to my high school and Jason obviously did, so they continued to use me as their cumdump and my reputation grew from there.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chrismas Cumdump

Hope everyone had a great Christmas - had a good one here...new iPod Nano, clothes, underwear...the usual. Has been a good week, have gotten loads each and every day I have been home. I got some random cock from online, Cameron has fucked me twice more since last weekend, Kyle introduced me to a guy he knows and got raped by him in Kyle's room while he and his parents were downstairs, and hit the porn store again Thursday afternoon and got 3 anonymous loads in my cunt. No complaints.

This week I am around and planning for more usage. Have a New Years Eve party that is being organized amongst some close friends, so will very likely be celebrating with my legs in the air. Of course, I will be sure to report back on how things go here, but am planning on having my holes filled into 2010...

I was thinking about how this blog, so far, has turned into me just reporting back on times I get cock and loads. I realized that this is is fairly one dimensional, but am not quite sure what other sorts of information to write about. So, wanted to ask others....what would you like me to write about? I am an open book, so if there are specific things you want to know, learn, hear, then drop a comment or a note and I'll queue up some posts and try to add other sorts of content beyond my daily whorish moments. Hope to get some good ideas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beaver Nation is Pissed...Yet I Am Very Happy

It is bowl season. Turn the TV on over the next few weeks and you're likely to see a football game. Yesterday was the Las Vegas Bowl - OSU vs. BYU. Not a good day for the Beavers...got pummelled in the desert. You may recall that I have some friends that are bigtime OSU fans and love their football get togethers (see last post here). Well, since I am on break and many guys are off doing family/holiday stuff, I had no expectations of seeing them for this game. Frankly I forgot it was on. Well, on Tuesday morning I got a call from Kyle wondering what I was up to and if I wanted some. Duh. He said that a few of them were getting together at a bar and was seeing if I wanted to join. I asked who all was going and he said he wasn't sure, but it would be a surprise. OK...just say when and where. Sidenote: I am discovering that this is what sluts should do....don't ask too many questions, just be sure you're a sure thing, be reliable and go, say, do as you're told.

So I rolled into the restuarant/bar place - won't say exactly where but sort of one of those upscale brewery type joints that charges too much for anything because of the 'atmosphere.' Whatever, the place was pretty busy, and found Kyle and Matt, plus one of their friends, Colton. Let me just say it now...Colton was the spitting image of Ryan Sheckler. Ridiculous hot face. Without boring you with the game details, the Beavers sucked it up, but we watched, hung out, drank, ate some wings, and all was cool. After the game, there were no plans. I forgot to mention that Matt and Colton had been having this side conversation going for much of the night, which I wasn't privy to (and still am not, but suspect it was something having to do with me). Well, Matt spoke up in his usual arrogant and assuming way and bluntly asked me in front of Kyle and Colton "How badly do you want our cocks right now?" I have to admit I was embarrassed for a split second and kindof a deer caught in the headlights, but I swung right back and said "Do you even need to ask?". He then said "That is what I thought." Then the conversation went on to be about how pissed he is right now and just needs to fuck something. I immediately spoke up and told him "I could easily handle that". Jeezus, I am getting really ballsy these days, but was just playing the part I suppose.
So we got the check and bailed. They told me to just leave my car and we piled into Kyle's Xttera with Matt in the passenger seat and me sitting next to Colton in the back. With music roaring, Kyle leaned back to Colton and said "Dude, you gotta give his throat a try. It is really intense and he knows what he is doing." Colton just looked at me and I couldn't take my eyes off his lap, and made my move onto the backseat floor and my face in his crotch. He seemed bit stiff and unsure, but I licked his cock through his jeans, goit it hard, then unzipped him and yanked his cock out which was perfect - not sure on size, but great length , big cut head and good girth. And I went to work. Kyle and Matt I heard laughing up front, but continued to suck him off for maybe 10 minutes before he shot a load and swallowed every drop.

We didn't have any place to go, so they parked a car in some business park back out of the way, and Kyle and Matt took turns in the backseat and fucked my throat and fed me a load each. Of course, my pussy was itching for cock at this point bigtime, so I asked all of them if anyone wanted to fuck me. Colton definitely was not into it (I suspect this may have been his first anything with a dude), Matt just blew, so was not up yet, but Kyle said sure. He was in the front passenger seat at this point, so I pulled my jeans off, climbed in front and sat on his cock facing him and rode it like a good fag. Hurt a little right at first since there was no lube, but once I got going, I could have gone all night. Matt dumped another mixture of baby juices in my pussy and then was spent as well. They let me dress, drove me back to my car, said good night and that was that. Just another day at the office! ;-)
I love when the Beavers lose....
Merry Christmas everyone.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home for Christmas

Being away from school has made me turned around backwards and have been inadvertently ignoring my blog. Yet I turn around and 1 month after starting, I have over 40 followers. Hello to all - very cool and humbling to know guys are tracking my sluttiness! So this past week...the highlights...


I had to go back to the mall to get some Christmas presents. I always stop in all the stores where I know hot dudes work (Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Lids, Gap, Zumiez) to check out the talent. There was plenty - both guys working and guys shopping. I decided to stop into the bathrooms to see if there was any action there. Jackpot. Ended up in the back stall with some 20s-something dude nailing me. Allow me to explain. There were little notes and shit all over the walls and on the toilet roll dispenser. I just sat down and waited to see if it was cruisy at all. Within like 10 minutes or so, someone went into the stall next door, and started tapping their foot. I did the same. I proceeded to take my jeans off and I got on my knees and put my ass under the stall wall like a good fag. He fingered my boipussy for a while and waited until the bathroom had a quiet moment and whispered something like 'Can I come over there?' I said yes obviously. He came on over and he was decent looking - mid 20's I guess, skinny, red hair, pale as fuck, but whatever. I got on top of the toilet, held onto the plumbing, and he stood and squated behind me and assumed the position. I had to keep quiet since people kept coming in, but he shoved his cock in me after lubing it with his spit (no idea on size - nothing to write home about) and fucked me real nice. He dumped his seed deep in me, said thanks, pulled his pants on and rushed out of there. I ended up staying in there for about 20 minutes playing with my ass, hoping more guys would come in, and finshed by eating the load out of my ass before walking back to the car.


My parents went out for the night, so had the place to myself. I ended up inviting a couple friends over from high school who are back in town and they took turns on my throat for an hour and half. Justin (one of my friends) has this super cock, like almost 7" around and over 8" long, so loves to make me gag on it and see how hard my cock gets while he holds onto my ears and throat fucks me. Absolutely love it and he has been training my throat since senior year, yet I still haven't mastered his cock. Our mutual friend, Chris, is what appears to be now a gay boy. He was always straight, had girlfriends, played sports through high school, and I haven't seen him since last Christmas break, but he is into the boys now. He did suck on both my cock and Justin's cock some, but he knows my thing, so he did a great job of double stuffing me and is really verbal too which I sooooo love. Overall, a fun night. Of course, they didn't fuck my pussy, so I went out afterwards to the porn store and offered my pussy up to anonymous and ended up with 3 in a row filling me. Actually, one of the guys fucked me, then came back again too and fucked me again.


I got a call on Friday from a friend of mine, Cameron, who finally was back in town. This is a guy who went to an opposing high school, but has been fucking me like a whore since I was a freshman. He is a year older, one of the hottest guys I've ever had the pleasure of bending over for, and he knows exactly what I need. I sent him a note like a week ago letting him know what I'd be in town, but only just heard from him. Cameron needed to fuck, plus he wanted to see me take some other cock as well. You don't have to ask twice! So Saturday he texted me and said he had a bud with an apartment here in town and told me to get over there. I got dressed - no underwear needed - and hauled ass over there. Was hard as fuck the entire drive. Got there and found parking, went to the apartment number (A34) he told me to, and knocked. He answered the door, smiled with that smirk that only he can give, say 'hey' and I came inside.

Here is a picture of Cameron (a few years old, but you get the point - perfection!!!). His friend, though, was fucking gorgeous as well. I 'think' he said his name was John, but honestly don't remember. Cameron asked how everything was, made some small talk, then asked me 'why are you still wearing those clothes? get naked dude'. In a flash, I was naked head to toe standing in the living room, cock hard as a rock, and he and his friend just watching as they sat on the couch. Cameron then ordered me to turn around. He then ordered me to bend over. He then ordered me to spread my legs. He then ordered me to hold me ass cheeks apart and show them my cunt. They then discussed. LOL. I sat their like that for maybe 5 minutes (which is a long time when guys are just lookign at you and talking about you). I couldn't keep quiet and started begging Cam to fuck me. Told him how badly I wanted it and would do anything for it. He did eventually get up and he immediately shoved two fingers in me and twisted. mmmmmmm. he took his two left fingers then and stuck those on two. He proceeded to open my pussy up with 4 fingers total and had me moaning like a bitch in heat. He then invited his friend to take first pass. I was pushed onto hands and knees, john stood at my head and he held my pussy open and John worked his cock into me. His cock was maybe 7 inches, good thickness. But he fucked like a rock star and eventually had my head on the ground and was holding my arms back behind me to each side pounding the fuck out of me. He shot deep inside of me while screaming as well, and then Cam told me to get on my back, and John held my legs back by my calves and Cam whipped his out and added another load. I think they kicked me out about 90 seconds later and were laughing their asses off in the process. I ended up with one sock and a hat gone. I texted Cam and he said he'd be sure to get it back to me next week. Anything to see him again.

It is now Christmas week. I have lots of friends coming back into town, so will be sure to keep everyone updated. I am currently tentatively being coordinated for a Christmas Eve Day gangbang, so hopefully that will happen.

Happy Holidays to All.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Famous - Not!

Just wanted to publicly acknowledge my very first blog mention in another blog. And it is one of the very best out there - Matt and Dan's Sexual Adventures. I am humbled and stunned at the reaction, but appreciate the call out. Everyone be sure to check their blog out if you haven't already. These guys are true cumsluts - something I continue to strive for each and every day!!!

I did ditch some stuff I was supposed to do today because (shocker) my pussy was totally hungry. Drove down to one of the many porn stores near my parent's house. Wasn't that busy, but did suck one cock off (kinda small, but whatever) and got mounted through a gloryhole by a near perfect cock - not to big, not too small. He dumped a fantastic big load in me which I desperately needed. Of course, I didn't plan this out as well as I should have - I had gone commando (which I frequently do) in some sweatpants, and so the load did drip out some and left a nice, noticable wet spot on my ass. I personally loved it (have I mentioned I am into humiliation as well?) and was hard as fuck walking out of that place knowing others would see, but since I had to go back to my parent's house, it freaked me out, so ended up driving around for like 45 minutes or so until it wasn't as bad. The last fucking thing I need is my mom asking "What is that wet spot on your ass?" Christ - I think my life just flashed before my eyes at the thought.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Going out with a bang

Happy Holidays everyone. I am officially on break and am back home - nice to be back. I am back about a week earlier it seems that most everyone else, which is kinda boring, but whatever, it ain't school. Just got home yesterday, but already hooked up with a guy I know who still lives here and I cruised the mall and porn store in my free time today. I am always looking. Always. I did get pounded through a gloryhole at a local hole by an anoymous cock today and it was huge. I would guess offhand atleast over 9" thick - probably closer to 9.5. Jeezus, I am hard just thinking about it. No clue who the guy was, but absolutely raped my hole and seeded it real good. It still is inside of me, although some did drip out but I just let it dry up.

Finals ended Thursday, so I celebrated by getting together with some friends and proceeded to get wasted. Had a great time. Got home late, like 1am, and sent emails and texts out to a bunch of my regulars and guys I know telling them that I was horny, drunk, not tired and wanted to be taken advantage of. Sending that many emails can only lead to good things! Well, got 2 messages back from two guys I know that were up. Neither wanted to share and both are discreet, so told each a time to be there, and sure as hell, Dominic rolled in right on time, fucked me over the edge of my bed and left me hunched over and no more than 10 minutes went by and Ryan (one of a few I know actually) came over and ate my pussy out, finger banged me until he had me begging for it, then shoved his prick in my cunt and fucked me. Of course, there was a door knock right in the middle, but just ignored it (more on that in a second). Ryan finished his abuse of my already filled pussy and then ate his load out. Sick fucker. As he left, checked my phone, and had 3 text messages from another one of my relatively new 'buds' that got my email and just showed up (his name is Ben, hot fuckin ripped red-head), but said I wasn't there. Well, hit him back and explained and he said he wasn't going back out. Guess I'll make a special trip for him after break. I was in zero condition to drive, so proceeded to eat half a pizza left in my fridge and pass out naked on my bed.

Woke up Saturday around noon. Very slowly I should say. Checked my email and had 9 emails back from my email the night before. I went and got some things done, went to the gym, got some food, then came back to my emails to find 12 total responses now. Cool. So, I "opened house" on Saturday night - no better time to do it, even with the late notice.

Allow me to explain my 'open house' - come on over between set times, stay as long as you want, don't need to bring anything, expect others to be there, bring friends if you want, and come and use my holes. I always am in my jock strap and typically end up holed up in my bedroom. Pretty straight forward. Last open house I had was about 2 months ago and had 17 guys and 24 loads in 6 hours. I could barely walk the following day. Anyways.... I emailed back everyone from the night before inviting them over, plus sent out to others. I also got online (gay.com, craigslist) and found guys and made mention of it as well.

I got my place in relative order, got cleaned up and cleaned my pussy up real good, fresh sac shave, douche, et. al. Well, lots of gory long winded details that I am too lazy to write down occurred, but the net-net is I ended up having 11 guys show up total and the most at any one time was 6. Kindof disappointing. But of the 11, had some of my favorite fuckbuds there and met 2 more guys that I'd whored out for, which is always a good sign. I decided to not eat any loads, so if guys didn't want to blow in my pussy, I just had them shoot in a glass bowl (nothing goes to waste by a cum-addict). I think only like 5 loads ended up in there, the rest directly deep in my boipussy. Honestly not sure of total number, but my educated guess is 12. Was a small group, but they all got along and really got into it, were very verbal, encouraging each other (which just gets me wet thinking about), and totally punished my hole. Then I licked the glass bowl clean before going to bed as my dessert before bed. Zero complaints and a great way to end the semester.

I did have a few 'thank yous' in my Inbox the next morning and a couple 'sorry dude I missed it' emails as well which is fine. I did have one of my regulars on Sunday that I workout with sometimes call me, so did go actually over to his place, we went for a long run, told him all about the night before, then went back to his place and he skull fucked me saying he wanted to be sure I ate atleast one load before I left. LOL - it doesn't get any better.

I am CERTAIN I will get lots more once guys get back from school next week and guys get out of school from around here. The problem is always where to go, but that has never stopped me. Sidenote: These pictures are just hot and reminded me of myself, so thought I'd share.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I hate finals

Been a crazy week with finals - 3 tests and 2 papers - all through tomorrow though! I have had some time to whore out for cock like a good slut, but not as much as I would obviously have liked. Although, I have a stable of cock and loads for this weekend and when I get back from winter break. A few things to update you all on:

On Saturday night, I posted an ad online on Craigslist and had a good response. I had about 25 responses so far, of which 17 I bothered to respond back to. I heard back from 14 guys and have met 6 of them so far. The rest are still in the works and trying to meet as time permits. Probably my favorite I met with Kyle (pictured here) - he is also 21, a junior, 5'11, 170, brn, brn and about 8.5c. He also has a roommate that is a little thinner than he is, but very good-looking, and they both are into fucking guys on the side. They have girlfriends, are discrete and don't really get into anything other than getting sucked off and fucking boy pussy (no complaints from me...perfect as far as I'm concerned). Met them at their apartment and had a great time. Fucked me relentlessly for an hour and a half, dumped 2 loads each in my pussy, and promised we'd be seeing one another after break. God I love being a slut.

Also, because finals are here and I get too distracted when I'm at my place, I tend to spend my studying time on campus in the library. Find a quiet corner, put the headphones on, and bury myself in Descartes, Calculus and American History. Although, I did frequent the bathrooms and found one in particular that was very cruisy. I sucked off 6 anonymous cocks and swallowed their loads under the stall wall over the past few days. I am easily distracted I guess anywhere.

I leave for home Sunday, so am hoping to whore out in a major way before I leave and I expect home will be full of cock as well. I have a reputation to uphold.I am also looking forward to hitting the gym hard while on break - been so busy recently. Happy holidays to all.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Filled By Beaver Nation...(long post / story)

I am still smiling from my day yesterday. I can't honestly remember when I was more satisfied. I wanted to write it all down as soon I got home last night, but just couldn't motivate myself. But I promised an update, so will do my best to sum up the highlights and share whatever details might be interesting to note.

To recap: Yesterday was the Civil War football game and people got way into it. A crew of my friends from high school at OSU invited my up for a party. And yes, it was very clear I was being invited for one thing - to help these guys get off in my hungry holes while they watched the game. I was told to expect probably around 8 of them there and to be there at 5pm.

I woke up and immediately was horny for this game - haven't seen these guys since summertime and I always love brand new cock too. I had a hard time concentrating through the day. I took off around 4:15 and got there about 10 minutes late since I got turned around once I was in lame-ass Corvallis. When I pulled up, it was a white house, had a front porch and my friend, John, and a guy I'd never met were sitting out there having a smoke. I was rock hard and am sure I had a shit-eatting grin on my face. I wore my white Adidas hardshells, AF torn jeans, no underwear, a long sleeve t-shirt, jacket and red hat. I walked up, said hey, got introduced to 'Jason' (more on this perfect creature shortly), made some small talk, they finished smoking, and I followed them inside.

When I walked in, there was a big family room with like 3 couches and a big screen TV. There was a foosball table behind the far couch and a shitty-looking Christmas tree in the corner and had Coors Light cans hanging from it - stay classy Corvallis! Anyways, there were 4 guys just sitting around, playing a video game, drinking, and hanging out. The room went silient as I walked in and John said something like "Look what the cat drug in" and I just kinda waved. I had a mixture of nerves and excitement at same time. I knew two of the four - Ross and Matt - who both were in full gameday gear. We said hey, then one of the dudes I didn't know told me there a keg tapped in the basement. I followed John and grabbed a beer. He and I had that uncomfortable silience working for us, so I just decided to play cool. I filled my cup then headed back to the family room where my other friend, Kyle, had come out as well.

We sat around for maybe 20 minutes, they turned pre-game TV on, and the smack talk was on. They all were talking shit and giving me shit for being a Duck, which is all good. Eventually, everyone was hanging waiting for the game, and Matt sortof just clears his throat and speaks over everything. He said something like 'Hey Will, you ready to play a game?'. I was thinking, hell yes, let the football game begin. So I said yes. He then went on to say (approximate language recalled) 'Good. We created a fun little Civil War game that we want to play with you. Here is how it will go... everytime OSU scores, you suck us off and everytime UO scores, you get your ass fucked like a fag. There are no timeouts, no coin tosses and no halftime. And if OSU wins, then we'll let you come party with us. But if UO wins, your holes will need their own timezone.' Obviously, I did not object.

Ross then started telling their two friends that didn't go to our high school about what a slutty whore I was, how they used to get me to do them whenever they needed it, etc. I kindof got embarrased (and sort of turned on at the same time), but then Ross said for me to get naked cause thats what guys like me do and the game was about to begin. So I hung out totally nude just sort of standing there, catching them checking me out - some more than others. I won't recap the game since you can look it up and find out the score was 37-33 qith UO winning. I was a very busy fuckhole and if my calculations are correct. took 10 loads in my pussy and 4 loads in my throat during the game. They had 2 other friends come by in the first quarter and left and half time. The craziest moment was when one of their girlfriends showed up (I'm still not sure whos) and they freaked out and got her to leave somehow. Of course, they were not so freaked that they made me stop either.

And then the game was over and they lost. At the point, around 9:15pm, they had all been drinking and they were disappointed to say the least on the outcome. With very little effort, they dragged me to a bedroom upstairs, tied my hands above me to a desk, and began to take turns fucking me. They were cussing left-and-right and just pissed off which made them fuck harder. And here is my favorite moment: at some point in this usage, they took a sharpe pen a wrote in block letters 'FUCK THE DUCKS' on my taint and the bottom of my ass. They also invited a few guys over and the 2 guys from earlier back. Not perfectly clear who was there, but I remember the name 'Spencer' for some reason - got a little wild. I still am not 100%, but I think the total collection was 24 loads last night when it was all said and done. No complaints.

My other favorite moment was back when we were downstairs and I think it was during the 2nd quarter and UO scored a TD, 'Jason' from the porch was an amazing fuck. He is smoking hot gorgeous first & foremost and he most likely knows it. Stunning smooth cut-up body, adorable face with a crooked smile, and a perfect cock (I think he is probably 8.5 thick). Well, he couldn't get enough and he fucked deep, hard, called me all the right names and made me feel like a complete cumdumpster. Brilliant. Cannot wait to whore out again for him in particular.

The night began to slow down around midnight. I was untied at some point, so I got up, went to splash some water on my face, then went back to the bedroom and I got dressed. I went downstairs, and just Ross, Matt and Kyle were watching TV and drinking. I told them thanks and I think they laughed. Told me to drive carefully and that maybe they'll have a Rose Bowl party if anyone is around. I think I got home a little after 1 and literally fell asleep instantaneously until 11am this morning.

I had a few emails from some regulars today and I did suck one of them off at his place this afternoon, but otherwise, am feeling satisfied. I was planning an 'open house' this weekend, but I think I'm gonna go cruise the christmas shoppers. Maybe I will do both.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Civil War

If you are into college football whatsoever, then you probably know that here in the state of Oregon there is a little football game tomorrow nicknamed 'The Civil War.' It pretty much is THE game of the season and week for Oregon football - two teams enter Autzen Stadium and one will leave as the Pac-10 Champion and go to the Rose Bowl to face the Ohio State University Buckeyes. Yes, it is just football, but this is HUGE. H-U-G-E. Everyone is amped up for this game (Thursday, 6pm, ESPN) and any red-blooded college frat boy has a boner just thinking about it. This is good news for me, the campus cumslut....

I was hoping to watch the game, but I have a reputation to uphold. Tomorrow, I am actually heading North to Corvallis where Oregon State (OSU) is and am going to be the game's fuckhole for some guys I know that go there while they watch the battle. Conveniently, a number of guys I went to high school with, plus some of their friends, know all about me up there and enjoy using a whore from time-to-time (we went camping this past summer....another story for another time) and are wanting a Duck to use while they watch the game. The title of Ben's email was "Beavers Fuck a Duck". I was shocked he was so clever - he ain't the sharpest pencil in the can. Hell yes I said!!! I gotta skip my last class of the day so I can get up there in time, but will be sure the report back on how it went. I am told to expect atleast 8 dicks in my hole and have been forewarned that if OSU loses, I will be what they take it out on. My pussy can't wait. Go Ducks!!!

By the way, am still planning my 'open house' this weekend if my schedule allows. Will be sure to report. Since my last post, have had 5 loads (all in my pussy) - 4 from regulars and one from a guy who lives in the same dorm as a regular of mine. Love the walk of shame out of that place.

Monday, November 30, 2009

You know you're a slut when...

You know you're a real slut when you go to check your email and you literally have an Inbox full of emails from guys wanting to feed you, use you and get off. I came back from the long weekend at home to find emails from 16 different guys - 9 of which were regulars. The fact that in one weekend I had 9 dudes boning for my slutty holes is awesome (in total order, I probably have almost 35 'regulars' currently). Beyond that, the fact the 7 guys I've never met emailed me is even better! I tell everyone I get with to be sure to tell their friends - you know me "the more the merrier" - and my dedication to being a slut is paying off. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing. God I love being a complete and total pussyboi cumslut.

Now I need to go and respond to everyone like a good whore. Just decided what I'm doing this weekend...it is time to have an 'open house' and invite everyone over at their convenience to use my holes as their personal cumdumpster. I love when great ideas cum together.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Home for Thanksgiving - GOBBLE GOBBLE

Came home for the long weekend - very nice indeed. As I had expected, was contacted by a few different guys I know from high school that were also back in town. I have taken 2 loads in my throat and 4 loads in my pussy from 4 cocks total since being back Wednesday night. Two were quickies from dudes I know - one fucked me in the back of his blue Pathfinder in an empty business park parking lot. The other is another guy that just graduated in June and is his first time back home (met him at his parent's house who think we're just friends from soccer camp). The other two were Spencer and one of his friends from school who came home with him for the weekend.

Spencer is this hot piece of ass, my age, dark hair, tan, blue eyes, great body and perfect cock (like just a tad over 8"c and thick). I got a text message on Thursday morning from Spencer that read "Are you in town? Need your holes. LMK" Of course, being the insatiable spermbank that I am, I messaged him back and let him know that I was and just to say when and where. He messaged me back "Friday. 1pm @ my place. Bud is with me". An instantaneous hardon erupted since I am a TOTAL whore for multiple cocks at once, especially those that know about me from a friend, but that I've never met. I love the feeling of meeting them for the first time and knowing that they've been told what a slut I am and that they have been boned up to use my holes. Makes me even more motivated to do what I'm told for dick and loads. Anyways... went over there today and got tag teamed. Wonderful. And his friend was smokin' hot as well, real thick piece of meat, and fucked like a champ. Lots of details, but all that matters is two hot boys took turns on my throat and pussy, came in me multiple times, and might be around again tomorrow. I can only hope so...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And It Begins...

I am setting up this blog to track and write about my adventures. I am a complete and total cocksucking bottom cumdumpster. I love cock. I love loads. I love whoring out for both. I am very slutty and take it frequently. This blog will share more about me, my interests, and my escapades. Looking forward to sharing and hearing your comments.

Some info to get started:

What am I into? Being used; Having 'open houses' on my holes; Being a bitch for teams, frats, roommates, dorms, parties, groups of friends, guys on campus, etc.; Cruising for dick; Being on call for dick; Whoring out for dick; Drinking/being fed cum; Being bred in my pussy; Showing off for guys; Being degraded; Humiliating myself on command; Restrained/tied up; Used; Being marked on with Sharpies; Group/Gangbang/Throatbang; Dressing like a whore

Favorite quote? "The more the merrier, the bigger the better."

What kindof guys am I into? Very into guys with attitude, cocky+, dom, very verbal, demanding, degrading, humiliation A+. Like it creative and very openminded.