Monday, November 30, 2009

You know you're a slut when...

You know you're a real slut when you go to check your email and you literally have an Inbox full of emails from guys wanting to feed you, use you and get off. I came back from the long weekend at home to find emails from 16 different guys - 9 of which were regulars. The fact that in one weekend I had 9 dudes boning for my slutty holes is awesome (in total order, I probably have almost 35 'regulars' currently). Beyond that, the fact the 7 guys I've never met emailed me is even better! I tell everyone I get with to be sure to tell their friends - you know me "the more the merrier" - and my dedication to being a slut is paying off. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing. God I love being a complete and total pussyboi cumslut.

Now I need to go and respond to everyone like a good whore. Just decided what I'm doing this is time to have an 'open house' and invite everyone over at their convenience to use my holes as their personal cumdumpster. I love when great ideas cum together.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Home for Thanksgiving - GOBBLE GOBBLE

Came home for the long weekend - very nice indeed. As I had expected, was contacted by a few different guys I know from high school that were also back in town. I have taken 2 loads in my throat and 4 loads in my pussy from 4 cocks total since being back Wednesday night. Two were quickies from dudes I know - one fucked me in the back of his blue Pathfinder in an empty business park parking lot. The other is another guy that just graduated in June and is his first time back home (met him at his parent's house who think we're just friends from soccer camp). The other two were Spencer and one of his friends from school who came home with him for the weekend.

Spencer is this hot piece of ass, my age, dark hair, tan, blue eyes, great body and perfect cock (like just a tad over 8"c and thick). I got a text message on Thursday morning from Spencer that read "Are you in town? Need your holes. LMK" Of course, being the insatiable spermbank that I am, I messaged him back and let him know that I was and just to say when and where. He messaged me back "Friday. 1pm @ my place. Bud is with me". An instantaneous hardon erupted since I am a TOTAL whore for multiple cocks at once, especially those that know about me from a friend, but that I've never met. I love the feeling of meeting them for the first time and knowing that they've been told what a slut I am and that they have been boned up to use my holes. Makes me even more motivated to do what I'm told for dick and loads. Anyways... went over there today and got tag teamed. Wonderful. And his friend was smokin' hot as well, real thick piece of meat, and fucked like a champ. Lots of details, but all that matters is two hot boys took turns on my throat and pussy, came in me multiple times, and might be around again tomorrow. I can only hope so...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And It Begins...

I am setting up this blog to track and write about my adventures. I am a complete and total cocksucking bottom cumdumpster. I love cock. I love loads. I love whoring out for both. I am very slutty and take it frequently. This blog will share more about me, my interests, and my escapades. Looking forward to sharing and hearing your comments.

Some info to get started:

What am I into? Being used; Having 'open houses' on my holes; Being a bitch for teams, frats, roommates, dorms, parties, groups of friends, guys on campus, etc.; Cruising for dick; Being on call for dick; Whoring out for dick; Drinking/being fed cum; Being bred in my pussy; Showing off for guys; Being degraded; Humiliating myself on command; Restrained/tied up; Used; Being marked on with Sharpies; Group/Gangbang/Throatbang; Dressing like a whore

Favorite quote? "The more the merrier, the bigger the better."

What kindof guys am I into? Very into guys with attitude, cocky+, dom, very verbal, demanding, degrading, humiliation A+. Like it creative and very openminded.