Sunday, December 27, 2009

How did I become a cumdump?

Thanks for all the suggestions of what to write about here!!! I really appreciate it and still am blown away at the response I have gotten so far. I have had quite a few suggestions of what to write about (I plan to answer each and every one), but decided it made a ton of sense to start at the beginning.

Q: How did you become a cumdump?

I was 15 years old when I became a cumdumpster. I was going into my junior year in high school, it was summer time (August), and I was attending a soccer camp for one week (Sunday to Sunday). I planned to play soccer for school, I played in a "classics" league that was a year long program, and was at camp to brush up before try-outs. The camp was being held at a college campus and we even got to stay in dorm rooms for the week, which for a 15 year old was awesome. I had some friends at this particular camp, but out of the ~150 guys there, I maybe knew 10. Camp was fairly straight forward - workouts in the AM and scrimmage before lunch, then after lunch a few more scrimmages, drills, and a long run to make you hate everything about soccer to end the day. It was a pretty intense camp with very little time off, except for during lunch and in the evenings when they'd set up nighttime games and alot of guys would just do their own thing with their group of clicky friends.

On Wednesday after the AM scrimmages, I headed back to my dorm room to drop some things off and make a phone call before grabbing food. I was sharing the room with a friend of mine, Jason, but he wasn't around. Jason was ridiculous hot - about my height (6'), curly blonde hair, blue eyes, probably the most cut up body I knew that I had seen shirtless up close. I had jacked off about him before, so was welcoming the chance to see him up close and personal all week. I saw his underwear on the floor, so I picked it up and decided to jack off real quick before going to get some food. I sat on his bed, took my shorts and jock off, and whipped it out. I was imaging Jason with my eyes closed and his underwear in my face. I opened my eyes and Jason had walked in and gotten an eye full. Holy shit, so embarrassed! I tried to play it off, but he just laughed and asked WTF I was doing on his bed and with his underwear?! Called me a fucking freak and that was that. I kinda hoped it would never come up again.

That night after a very long day, I was back in the room, and thinking about calling it a day. Jason was in his bed reading something and I decided to say good night. He said good night and both our lights were out in about 10 minutes. A few minutes later, I could hear Jason jacking off. I just knew that was what he was doing. I couldn't resist and said "Dude, what you imagining over there?" He laughed and said nothing. I said yea right. Then a few minutes later I heard him at it again and I decided to just shut up. Then he spoke up and said "You think you could help me out over here?" I don't think I could have jumped any faster, I got up, and sat on the edge of his bed, he pulled his sheet down and showed me this enormous fucking cock (for a 15yo = like 8.5x6.5c). He said "You like? Will you help me get off?" I said sure, so I touched a dude's cock for the very first time and gave him a hand job. He then pulled me into him and kissed me, I kissed back. I ended up under his sheets and we played with each other for a while. Then he got on top of me and dry fucked me and I could hardly believe this was even happening. He then asked if he could fuck me. I told him I didn't know if I could, but sounds hot. So he took his sweet time spit lubing me and he did eventually get inside me, although it hurt like fuck. He fucked me for like 15 minutes, real gentle at first but picked up rhythm and had my knees at my ears, his arms holding them back as he pounded my cunt. He ended up cumming on my abs and I jacked off onto myself as well. Was an incredible first time with an extra hot dude, but did not necessary equate to being a cumdump...

The next day, I thought about the night before constantly and was wondering/hoping it would happen again the following night. Jason said nothing about it and the night ended uneventful. On Friday, the day went on and on, and that night, I was back in my room hanging out and Jason wasn't around. At about an hour before lights out, Jason and a friend of his (name was Nick) showed up. We made small talk and then Jason abruptly said "Dude, I gotta get in that pussy of yours again. I told Nick and he wants a piece too. You game?" I was pissed since I didn't want other people to know and was scared about who else he had told. I told him I guess so. He said good. He then had me strip naked for them and I sucked them both off and then they took turns finger fucking me and talking about it and then fucking me in Jason's bed. Was fucking awesome I admit, but I felt dirty afterwards. At lights out, Jason said "Hey, thanks again for tonight, can't believe you've never done this before." And that was that.
I was really angry at Jason the next day, but just went on with my day and kindof tried to forget about it. In reality, I had fantasized about what had happened over the last few days, so I shouldn't be pissed. After the run that night, Jason found me and asked what I was doing tonight. I told him I had planned to go chill with some friends in their room later. He said 'You gotta skip that, I need that pussy dude and I know a few others that do too." I was like WHAT!!! You got to be fucking kidding me, why are you telling others?! This is not for general knowledge...I have a girlfriend for christ sake! He said to chill out, that it wasn't general knowledge, but he knew some dudes who were into fuckin guys and chicks and he told them he knew a guy here who was a good fuck. I asked who they were, he avoided the question, and said, "Skip out on your plans and be back in the room around 7pm."

So, I strongly considered not being there, but I couldn't resist. Something inside me wanted/needed to be there and I couldn't stop thinking about getting fucked. It felt so incredibly good, almost immediately. I had read horror stories of how badly it hurt, but for me it felt natural from the get go. So, I was in the room by 7 and Jason showed up, but this time with 5 guys. I recognized all of them and was embarrassed as fuck since I knew they knew I was a fuckhole for cock now and didn't really want that reputation (that has changed entirely since then), I was scared shitless - how the fuck am I supposed to handle this, and I was fucking hard as a rock. Jason made formal introductions of everyone and then formally introduced me as "This is the cumdump I was telling you about." My name and calling was now official. He then intructed me to get down on my knees and they all circled around me and passed me around from cock to cock as I sucked them off and tried to keep up. At one point, someone was sitting on one of the beds and I was sucking them off and I felt someone come behind me, take my pants off, off and began to prod my ass. I was very tight and we didn't have any lube, but once they got started, my pussy went to work. And this time, they all came in my pussy. Each and every one of them left their baby juice inside me. I was scared to death that I was going to get HIV or some disease but absolutely LOVED the feeling of warm loads spraying inside me. It was my first gangbang, my first bareback session, and my indoctrination into being a cumdump.

Since that point, I have been a cumdump. I realized how much I loved it and how good I was at it and started actively seeking more. Some of the guys went to my high school and Jason obviously did, so they continued to use me as their cumdump and my reputation grew from there.


  1. Thats a fucking hot first time bro! I wish my first time had been as hot as that and with as many hot jock studs as you got to take on!

    Wild Bare Jock

  2. I always loved Sports Camps during the Summer! HOT TIMES! Great story man! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Damn! that was only 6 years ago!

  4. fucking amazing, i am rock hard here

  5. thanks for answering that was my question! hot fucking great story as i am a cumdump too ... rock hard here

  6. Wow! That sounds too good to be true! You are so lucky.

  7. You're the most self loathing gay I've ever read about.

  8. This is an extremely hot story. I'd like to hear more about your early days. did Jason get experience with cumdumps? Was he one before he started topping you?

  9. Hey! I understand you totally... I am not just a cumdumb but also a loving slut too :)) I live in Zurich with my mafia father, bitch mother and a wasted brother, enough money for everyone but no one gives a shit to eachothers life... I started to be a cumdumb when I was at the catholic boys school in Leipzig, i really can't explain but since then I luv to be cum filled and fucked by the cream of cum, even if I cum I can't stop getting screwed all the time... I am 17 and I totally got your point bro!