Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the New Year Slut Style

It's about 2:30pm new years eve. Been taking dick since 9:15 this morning. My parents are driving me nuts, so headed out with the laptop and kickin' it between loads at various Starbucks. Free wi-fi whips ass.

8:35am - woke up, a little hung over but horny as always. Had 3 text messages unread and 9 emails. 2 txts were booty calls and 1 was from my sister from last night.

8:45am - responded to txt messages after taking a piss and grabbing a breakfast shake. Had a response from 1 within 3 minutes - name is Cade, younger dude I met online last year. I had sent a txt before christmas but hadn't hooked up since summertime. His txt read "sup? sorry 4 delay - whats your ass up to?". In return I had sent "np. its hungry" and his reply was "get here now, come in through sliding glass door in back". I told him "done. be there in 30"

9:18am - rally'd over to Cade's house - nice little suburban neighborhood et. al. Went through side gate and around to the deck. Door was open, let myself in, and there was Cade in the kitchen doing something looking hot as fuck as ever. Dark hair, fantastic skin, gorgeous blue eyes, and a stunning smile. We bullshitted for a second and he came around the kitchen island and came up and asked me to sit down on the couch. He then flipped on some music and walked up and rubbed his cock in my face, asked me how badly I wanted it, I told him so fucking bad, and then got to work his dick through his sweatpants and got it hard and him dry humping my face. Then got the monster out (prob. 7" like mine, but much thick with a phenominal head. Got my neck muscles loosened up for a few minutes and then he told me to take my clothes off. As I did, I watched him do the same - oh my goddddd...... he has been hittin' the gym - boing. Well anyways, he then had me turn around, bend ver the couch and show him my pussy - one of my most favorite things to do so I did not complain. He fingered it for a bit, tongued it just a couple times, then lubed up and fucked me like a cumrag doll. He totally abused my pussy and kept saying "you like that bitch? your pussy feels so good." A great way to start my day and put a shit-eatin' grin on my face. After getting my cunt blasted, he didn't even let me clean myself up and told me to drive home all sloppy.

10:00am (ish) - in my car, head to a Starbucks. Had a few emails to respond to - love free wi-fi - and had a few in my inbox from some guys i"ve been whoring for these last few weeks. I had already texted them last night that I was needing some seed in my cunt when I was half-drunk! So spent the next 30 minutes back and forth on txt and email until got my next destination - 29yo total dom top 8" thick.

10:55am - pulled up to the white house, walked up to the front door and knocked. He answered the door, let me in, then shoved me up against the hall wall as soon as the door closed and locked. Shoved his hand down my pants and felt my sloppy pussy. Asked how many I had had so far and told him 1 - he said that was definitely not enough which of course I agreed. He then began to take my clothes off and then pushed me into the family room where he shoved my head into the floor, degrading me the entire time, and started working his dick into my pussy. He got a good rhythm and then started talkin shit asking how much time I had. I told him as much time as told to SIR. Good he said and then started to make a phone call while he fucked me. He said 'Sup. remember that cumdump I told you about - got him on my cock this moment." and then said "Come on over dude, and bring Brian." He then told me that a few of his friends were coming over that needed some pussy hole. I moaned in ecstacy.

11:30 something - laying on the couch, legs spread, begging for more cum in my pussy. His friends showed - 2 of them - decent looking but nothing that I'll recall as the hottest ass I've ever taken - whatever. I then get spit-roasted with them both going at each hole and the host holding my legs back and wider and encouraging his friend to use my pussy. His friends were not as dom as he was, but had decent cocks and both fucked my pussy and throat and seeded me. I was allowed to shower before I took of since I was fucking disgusting at this point.

1:30pm - grabbed a Subway. 12" roasted chicken breast - cooked, not toasted. ex- tomato, lettuce, onion, chipolte sauce. Fucking delicious.

2:30pm - back here at a different Starbucks. IMing with a couple guys I'm working on getting some before head back to school. One guy is Eric - mid 20s, skinny, kinda cute, lots cum and fucking my holes and aggresive, dom, verbal type - my fav and he loves piss too which is not that common I find.

Going to a party at a friend's house - could be as many of 100pp I'm told. I'm certain there will be some hot cock there, so ideally will get some new years cock and cum as well. Go I love being a slut, I love cum, I love cock and I love being used like a complete and total cocksucking cumdumpster whore. Merry fucking Christmas and Happy fucking New Year. *Shitters full.

*points if you get the reference.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec 23, 2010 - cumslut whore

so here we are celebrating another christmas - WTF happened to the last year?! I have been kicked and pissed on by professors and worked my god damn ass off. I have taken literally countless loads and dick. If I were to even attempt to think about it and try and estimate with any accuracy, I would guess 500 loads this year thus far. Go Ducks. I saw the movie 127 hours - fucking amazing movie -

I have been crazy busy with school and this blog just gets less attention because of it. I might be a stupid slutty total slut of a cumdump, but I actually do have a brain, know how to use it and am the high-driven type. I know where my limits are and have been fortunate to have, generally speaking, those limits respected. However, they do get crossed from time to time. I have also met someone that I am extremely into. He will never be a part of this blog and I have promised him I'd never mention it again. Don't worry, he loves the fact that I am a total cumslut and encourages it more than less!

I do owe one update..... Civil War 2010. When: December 4th, GameDay in Corvallis, OR at OSU. If you don't recall, this will now be my second year going to this game. In any case, Matt, Ross, and Kyle all live together again this year and had me up for some pre-arranged cock whoring. We exchanged a few emails and a texts a few weeks before. So I got myself to Corvallis and arrived at their condo/townhouse sort of thing they're renting. Just the 3 of them. When I got there, they were already drinking and hanging out, smokin bowls, waiting around. As soon as I got there, like within 5 minutes of walking in the front door, I was shirtless in my underwear (briefs guys) begging for their cock. No small talk, no beer, no discussion. They all then effectively had their way with me, throat fucked me like a good cunthole, raped my pussy, made me swallow all their loads. Sidenote: I do have to say that my friend Ross is turning in to one fucking hot motherfucker - hot defined body, amazing stomach, sexy.

We missed like the first 2 minutes of the game but then sat around the plasma and watched the game ins HD. I sucked them all off and on throughout the game. Got a few loads. Also got my pussy fucked again in Jeff's bed. Ducks won (goin to the Natty!) and then the guys told me that they had a bunch of their friends stopped by after the game. Text messages started flyin and within about 20 minutes of gametime, the first guys stopped by. I was taken upstairs to Matt's bedroom when he arrived, was told to get naked and then essentially Matt and Jeff started on each hole and got one of their bud into the thing. Before long, Matt and Jeff were off to the side and encouraging their friend. Then the other guy walked in and there began the constant train on my mouth and cunt for the next like ~3 hours. No clue on total guys, but can recall atleast 6 guys in the room at one time in the room. Think there were more but definitely blacked out some of it cause parts are missing in my memory. Yikes - need to not drink (just not for me).

Needless to say, my friends got a whole session lined up and got all beaver studs dumping on me and in me. Had a couple of notable cocks that felt amazing, and my pussy was disgusting afterwards. Completely layered in cum, and mucus that just coated everything. Not surprisingly, I was totally exhausted afterwards and ended up passing out on Jeff's bed. Woke up like at 6:30 totally out of it. Grabbed my shit and went home to pass out. In all honesty, kinda freaked out and wasn't sure where I was, but was in surprisingly not in as much pain as I would have guessed. Guess all that previous fucking helped in this case!~

I love love love love love love LOVE being a cumslut pussyboi cumdumpster whore. I am certain that it is my purpose in life - I love doing it and I know I'm good at it.

Thanks for everyone's support this year, understanding, and patience. Will blog when I can with no certainty of exactly when. Happy Christmas. Merry New Year.

the cumdump

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cum Receptical - Send Me Your Loads (Take 2)

I made a request for anyone who was serious about saving up their own cum and sending it to me discretely. Had a few responses and talked to those of you who expressed interest and seemed sincere. Well, all were flakes and never sent. Not complaining since I realize that it is not very exciting for you, but if anyone is actually serious and wants me to whore out for real on your cum - as much of it as you can and want to save, I'd love it. And I am very into doing creative things for it and take requests (eat it on foods, spoonfeedings, shove in pussy with a turkey baster, etc.). I will not take pics since I don't take those sorts of pics, but will likely blog about it (keeping your discretion unless you want to be mentioned). Only pre-requisite is it has to be clean and you have to be very discrete.

Send me an email with your level of interest, somehow express to me how sincere you are, and tell me about yourself. Email is in my bio if you want to talk about it and arrange.

Hope to hear from you.

The Bus Boy

School sucks. It is so cliche to even make such a statement, but never have those words been more true. I am 'learning' things that 50% I will forget, 40% is irrelvant and 10% seems reasonable at best. Then again, reason has never been my forte. My behaviors are dictated so squarely on how hungry my holes are. But school keeps getting in the way. I did, however, have a very fun weekend that I had to tell about.

I was at Red Robin with a friend (had cluckers & fries if you care about the details) and enjoying a study break just fine. I was starving, plus drinking water like a horse because I had just finished a workout and a run. One of the bus boys there was a totally hottie, so of course my hole twitched when I saw him. I immediately started picturing him naked and plowing my cunt till Sunday. He was young, trim, fit (could tell from the hot veins running up & down his forearm into his biceps), and had a hot little face with two big huge diamond stud earrings like you'd see some douchbag NFL star wear. Except I found the whole package to be delicious. He was taller, maybe 6'2, dark short hair, blue eyes, clean shaven, rosy cheeks. Anyways....

I don't have a picture of him, but he 'sort of'' looks like this guy. His hair is a bit longer than this guy, but basic similar build, body and facial structure. Not a perfect fit, but he is hot either way...

I was drinking like a horse in the middle of the desert - and gratefully he kept refilling it. My theory is he was doing it on purpose since he seemed to be right on top of it. I made eye contact with him on a number of occasions as he came to fill my glass and would smile coyly. I honestly wasn't sure if he picked up my vibe or whatever. I'd watch him cleaning other tables and he'd glance over from time to time. Bingo - a dead sign that he noticed. So, always on the prowl and forever a slut..... we got chowed down, got our bill, and I got up to take a piss. I stopped by the hostess stand and borrowed a pen and went to the bathroom. On a scrap piece of paper towel wrote 'cumslut. call me XXX-XXX-XXXX.' Worth a shot, will likely never see this guy again and worst thing is it gets trashed. So went over to him on my way back from the bathroom, handed him $5 and the piece of paper, told him thanks for the service, smiled and went to my table. I didn't even sit down, grabbed my coat, and my friend and I went took off. I went back to studying, but I totally couldn't stop thinking of this guy.

That night I got a text from an unknown number and obviously it was him. It said, and I quote, "thanks for the tip. just got off work. sup?". I replied "yw. i'm around. your hot. want it?" Like 10 minutes later he replied back "fuck yea. where?" Then I responded back "can't host. ideas?" He then asked if I had a car (which I do) and then said he could meet me someplace. We decided to meet in the parking lot of Fred Meyer. I showed up at 8:30pm like we talked, circled around, didn't see his car he described, and txt him that I was there. He txt back and said he'd be there in 5 minutes. I waited and then finally he showed up in this dark blue Xterra. God he was sexy. I got out (I decided to wear some slutty clothes, so had a wife beater and sweatpants on with no underwear - freezed my ass off just to be sure he liked what he saw). I was fucking rock hard. I climbed into the passanger seat, introduced myself, and told him I'd do anything he wanted me to. He then leaned over and we made out for a few. I had my hand on his crotch within moments. He was already rock hard too. We then decided we'd better find some other place to go.

He started driving around and I went to work in his lap without being cued and just licked and sucked him through his jeans. I could feel his dick easily through them and he kept just moaning and stuff. I have no idea how long we drove or where we were exactly, but we came to a stop and were in some parking lot at some park and kindof hidden by some bushes and the dumpster. I took my shirt off and took his off - great torso, very lean and smooth. He climbed in the passenger seat, got on top of me and we made out more. Now....I don't typically make out with guys. Don't mind it, but just not my thing in all truthfulness - rather just get my cunt fucked like the slut I am. But I was totally into it, just hot as fuck, and he obviously was into kissing. I unbuckled and unzipped him and started the process of getting him naked. He flipped back into the drivers seat, told me to get in the backseat where there was definitely more room, and I climbed over and he followed. We both got down to nothing and he had my on my knees behind the front seats while he was in the seat with his dick in my face, mouth and throat. I gave him my deep throat, gagged on him (not sure on size, about my size but thicker), and let him whip his dick on my mouth. I made sure to look up at him as I swallowed his cock.

I then asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass. He was totally game and said 'fuck yea'. He did ask me 'you're clean in there aren't you?' which I am, but respected the fact that he thought about it. I got up on the backseat on top of him facing him as he sat there and shoved his cock in me and started riding it like a faggot. Totally was showing off for him and he seemed to be loving it. He was rock hard in me and was just moaning and watching me enjoy every inch. He didn't last all the long cause within a few minutes he told me he was cumming. YES PLEASE!!! That made be ride him quicker with my hands clasped behind his neck, his hands on my hips and ass guiding my pussy on his dick, and then he got really verbal and started moaning really loud as he made a few hard thrusts and then I felt his sloppy goo hit my pussy deep and he just kept fucking me. When he settled down, I jumped off and lost a huge chunk of baby batter on his shoe and on the floor. Don't worry, I cleaned it up for him! We just sat there naked, him recuperating from his orgasm, me just enjoying the moment with the radio going, the heater on high, and this hot fucker next to me who just impaled me like a good cumslut.

After getting dressed, we drove back to my car and made small talk. He works P/T as a bus boy, but is a student. I actually kindof thought he was in college, but ends up he's a high school. Oops. Told him to text me anytime and maybe I'd see him around. I could tell he was a bit nervous and uncomfortable. It'll be interesting to see if I hear from him. But christ, it was fucking fun even if a one-time thing.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am thankful for all the nice people, supporters and readers of this blog. It sometimes feels like a curse to have started this, but it boggles my mind to know that my blog has only been in existence for 1 year and has exceeded 20,000 views, is the #2 result on Google when you search 'cumdump', and I have over 300 followers. Amazing.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My sister's ex-boyfriend (long post/story)

I have been largely absent from my blog the last few months - that is what a full load (school load...get your mind out of the gutter) will do to you. In appreciation for your patience and due to an overwhelming amount of requests, I decided to take the time to capture my experience with my sister's ex-boyfriend. As noted, this is my top favorite fuck of all time!

When I was a senior in high school, my sister was a sophomore. She was the most popular of all the girls in her class, homecoming princess all three years, prom queen her senior year, etc. She has always been popular with the guys and girls, although I am fairly certain that I've taken way more cock than she has. At some point during her sophomore year, she started dating Reid. Reid was a junior, ran with the popular crowd as well, and was hot as fuck. He was on the JV football team and varsity wrestling. He was maybe 5'10, ~150#, buzzed blonde hair, blue eyes, extremely lean, toned and muscular body - AMAZING six pack, tiny waist, phenominal arms and shoulders. Essentially he was extremely fun to look at, but definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer. You don't have to be when you look like he did.

He was over at our house pretty frequently. And I recall that he was frequently shirtless (as was I....always have loved not having a shirt on as much as reasonably possible). I can remember a particular afternoon when our parent's were gone where Reid and I were standing in our kitchen, both in just shorts and no shirts bullshitting about something or the other. I seriously couldn't stop checking the whole package out - he was fantastic. I remember fingering my twat and jacking off about him many times.

The summer after I graduated, Reid and my sister broke up. I was working and living at home. One afternoon around lunchtime the doorbell rang. I answered it (shirtless again...shocker) and it was Reid. I said 'hey' and told him that my sister wasn't home. He said 'That's fine. I actually am here to talk to you. Can I come in?". Of course that was fine and was extremely curious WTF he wanted to talk to me about. He asked where my sister was and I told him she was at work. He then wanted to know when I thought she'd be home since he didn't want to run into her. I wasn't sure exactly, but guessed later. We went into the kitchen and I sat down at the breakfast bar we have in there and he stood on the other side of the kitchen island. We bullshitted for just a couple moments and then I asked him what was up? He then told me that he had been wanting to ask me something for a while, but wasn't sure how to. He said that he had heard from a couple of his friends from school that I was gay and was wondering if it was true. He also mentioned that he didn't think it was a big deal and that he wouldn't tell anyone, but was curious. I asked him who told him that? He wouldn't name names, which I respect, but just had to know. I told him that I wasn't gay. He then smiled and said something to the effect of "Dude.... I know you are a fag for cock. I've heard stories and I saw pics." On the inside, I kindof freaked out since I knew I was caught and was freaked as hell. I proceeded to try and keep my cool and told him that I wasn't sure what he had heard but I am sure I could explain it.

Reid didn't care about an explanation. He said, "Bro.... you're hot as shit and I could use some relief. Be hot to fuck both siblings in this family." I took one more feeble attempt to tell him that he was mistaken and not sure what to say. He then walked over to the other side of the kitchen island, told me to stand up (which I did) and then laid it out: "You are going to suck me and then bend over and take my cock up your hole. If you don't, I'll be sure to let your sister know what a faggot you are." As you wish.....

I dropped to my knees right there in the kitchen, looked up at him and said "I'll do anything you want me to. Anything." He smiled and said 'I knew it" and then pulled me up from underneath my arm and told me to get naked. I did in a heartbeat and was rock hard. He pulled on my cock and then told me to take me to my room. I walked in front of him up the stairs and down the hall to my room. Once in my room, he told me to beg for his cock. I told him how badly I wanted him, how much I had fantasized about him being inside me and how much I wanted his cum deep in my pussy. He took his shirt off and I got to touch his incredible body which made me even more hard. He laughed and kept just saying "I fucking knew it." He then sat in my desk chair, had me get in between his legs and I pulled his pants down and saw this absolutely phenominal cock. Probably 8.5c and very thick. As I stared at it and jacked it off while on my knees, he said "You like it? Your sister did." I told him 'Hell yes." and I went to work with my deepthroating skills and worked on his dick like an expert cocksucking cumdumpster. I made sure to make eye contact alot, love making the guy know how into it I am.

He then pulled me off, stuck the head of his cock in my mouth, told me to say cheese and took a pic with his camera phone. He promised that it was just for him, but to also make sure I did as I was told. So fucking hot. I continued then to get slapped in the face and on the tongue with his big dick, lapping up his pre cum and he just watched, smiled and moaned every once in a while as I let him use my throat. He pulled me off again like 5 minutes later and told me to get on the bed on my hands and knees. He then again made me look back at him, hold my pussy open and he took another pic. Said it was gonna be his screensaver. LOL. Then he joined me on the bed, fingered my cunt for a while, spit on his cock and worked it in without lube. He had me bucking in ecstacy. He kept saying shit like "Your sister's pussy is tighter than yours." which just made me even hornier. He then stopped fucking me and told me to get my phone. I dashed back downstairs naked and back with it. He told me to call my sister and see when she'd be home. I speed dialed her and she picked up. As soon as I started talking to her, he shoved his cock in my cunt again and fucked me while we talked for a moment. I couldn't get off the phone fast enough. She never did know, but him fucking me took my breath away a few tidmes. Once I hung up and found out she wouldn't be home until way later, he just laughed and fucked me harder.

I lost track of how long it was that he was fucking me, but is honestly and truly one of the funnest, hottest and best fucks I've ever had. He had me on all fours, on my stomach, on my back with my feet on his chest and my legs spread wide, sideways, one our sides from behind, etc. He really knew how to fuck. I don't know this, but I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't the first guy he had fucked. I could care less, but he appeared to have full control of what was happening at all times. He eventually did cum, but wouldn't breed me, but instead just dumped it on my face. And yes, he took a pic of that as well. I then jacked off for him as he watched and cummed all over my stomach and chest. We took a shower together afterwards and he fucked me again in the shower, but wasn't rock hard like before and he didn't cum. Didn't matter, just gave me a chance to feel every iunch of that incredible body of his. We dried off and got dressed.

I asked him again about those pictures and asked if he would please delete them. He told me no and that I shouldn't worry, they weren't for anyone else other than himself. I told him how important it was that no one find out and he understood that and was in the same situation. We hooked up a couple more times that summer. He goes to school now on the East coast, so lost track of him. However, he has my number and knows how to get ahold of me. Reid - if you're out there and reading this, CALL ME! MY PUSSY and THROAT NEED YOUR COCK IN ME ASAP.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Week One

I am so behind...and I have literally been in classes for one week. School has officially started back up, football is all the rage, classes are already demanding from a time perspective, and there are fucking gorgeous guys everywhere.

I got in at the tail end of last week and got settled into my new place. Living in a 2 story house off campus with 4 guy friends. I essentially spent the first 5 days back at school hanging with friends, partying, and getting my slut on. I have classes 4 days a week as well, but been already being the good campus whore I was born to be.

I had already emailed with some regular fuckbuds before getting back letting them know when I'd be in town. Emailed again when I got here and got some dick within the first 8 hours of physically being in town. It was with this guy, I 'think' his name is JD, but not certain (because I forgot what he said it was). We met in a bathroom stall on campus last year a few different times, then exchanged personal info and he's been dumping loads in me since. Good looking, but not the hottest I've ever had either. Big cock however, like 8.5x6.5c, and loves being sucked and (in his own words) 'raping my throat.' Yes sir!!!! And he also loves to bend me over the side of his bed and rail my cunt. He's one of those types of guys who fucks extremely deep from practically the first thump and always gets the killer rhythm when he is deep fucking me. He knows I need it and I am glad he does. I've seen him 2 this week alone.

Probably my most favorite fuck since I've been back is a new guy in my adventures. I actually need to be a bit vague on who he is since he is an athlete here and I know wouldn't want others to know he fucks dudes. Anyways, I actually met him at a party last year in a very innocent way. Ran into him multiple times and was always friendly or whatever. Then I responded to an ad on CL one night last year and got to talking with this guy. Obviously.... it ended up to be him (or so he said via email once we talked some), but I didn't quite believe it. Kinda thought it was some tool pretending to be him. I was wrong, we emailed a couple times over the summer and said we should hook up when we get back. Well, we met in a public place and sure as fuck here he walks up. Was very awkward for him I could tell, but my total slut side came out. I told him everything in person I had told him over email. That I wanted him to fuck the shit out of my pussy. That I wanted him to use it any way he wanted to. That I'd do anything for it. We ended up in his car with me giving him road head and he drove to this business park (I have no fuckin clue where we were...was nighttime and was 'distracted'...), and got me on this patch of grass outside the car and had me suck him for a few minutes more, then bent me over the hood of his car with my shorts at my ankles and fucked me like a pussyboi needs fucking. He is fucking H-O-T, nice cock, and is super discrete and knows I respect that too. I am certain I'll see him again - my cunt is twitching at the thought. And I am secretly hoping that I can somehow convince him to group fuck me with some other straight guys. Wishful thinking I know, but a boy has gotta dream.

I hope to be able to write here with some consistency, but if I seem absent, I am fine, just really busy. I want to thank those of you who have been so supportive over the summer. And wish me luck on this semester.

My pussy needs fucked. Please tell everyone you know!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Wrap

Time flies. Ended up having a pretty good summer - some good trips, lots of camping and being outdoors with friends, saw a couple good movies, yada yada yada. School kick starts soon so thought I'd better get to this blog beforehand and provide updates where appropriate.

How Did You Fill Your Summer?
I worked at a ridiculously easy internship at a software company in their marketing department and I worked part-time in a garage doing screen printing for sports teams. I spent time with friends and family. I went on camping trips, went to the Gorge for Labor Day and had a sick time, and of course took plenty of dick to keep this cumhungry cockslut and my hole relatively satisfied.

Who Did You Fuck This Summer?
Easier to list who I didn't..... I fucked guys I've known since high school that were also home for the summer, I fucked guys I met online, met a couple different of you blog readers out there (you know who you are....), whored out online, porn stores in the gloryholes. Some noteworthy fucks are this guy Josh who is this hot basketball player at my gym who has a killer cock (like 8.5+ and very thick), and loves pile driving my cunt after a workout. Met him via my friend Kyle who knows him from school. Another definitely noteworthy fuck is Brenton. Brenton is a guy I met off craigslist - 24, 6'2, muscular, electrician, wouldn't have a clue he loves using guys. He is fucking hot as shit and makes my pussy twitch at the thought of him. I think I'll text him right now..... :-)

How 'bout Them Ducks?
Yes...they are absolutely killing it. 133 points in 2 games and 19 touchdowns. SEC to claim all they want that they are the best conference, but top-to-bottom...I don't think so. Anyways, as most know I have quite a few Beaver friends and a reputation in those parts. They aren't doing that bad either, but still...they're not #5 in the country. I have not had the chance to whore out for them during either of the first two games, but there is talk that they want me for the Cal game. I fucking hope.

A Bot Stole My Identity?
I heard and it's true. I've made some security setting adjustments with my Yahoo account and we'll see. Not sure exactly how to deal, but might force me to change email accounts. Sorry for anyone who has been pestered. Annoying.

What Am I Most Excited About for Fall?
All the fucking hot guys at school - new guys in classes, new guys around campus, freshmen, frats, house parties, etc. Can't wait to see friends and get my party on. And can't wait for football. Love this time of year. The downside of it all is I will have roommates again and a busy schedule so not sure what my schedule will allow for lots of whoring out. Never fear...I will certainly be taking it as often as possible and proactively seeking it out. My pussy and throat are always hungry.


I am off to school for what I am guessing is going to be one pain in the ass semester/year. Should be good hopefully, but time will tell. Will be sure to check in as permitted. I do owe you guys some more cumdump stories - just so much easier to talk about or answer questions versus just sit down and write out an entire experience. The goodness is in the details and don't have the patience for details these days I guess. It'll happen.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Bitching Out for Guys - this past Friday

Hey guys,

Been a busy little cock bitch the last week or so. Lots of texts, emails, IMs, et. al floating around regarding me offering/begging for my holes to be worked over. I have been talking to this guy on IM who was referred to me from a guy we mutually know. He is a little older (28 he says), 5'9, 145, brown hair, very lean and toned, 7c thick. However, he is really into the idea of whoring me out to his friends. We've been talking about it for a while, but finally found a time that worked for him to host. I was given very specific instructions via email:

"Door will be open, enter and walk upstairs. KNEEL and face towards dark hallway end, bow your head...sufficiently announce how willing, slutty and eager a cum whore you are to service...say it with conviction or get punished. I will blindfold you, then watch you disrobe for me on my command...I will instruct you after that...ropes, chains, light paddle all by bed on you as we see fit...plenty of cum and piss to give that easger cunt and throat!..."

So I quickly got my shit together, put on some shorts, no underwear, some flip flops, a hat and a wife beater and headed over. Got there in about 20 minutes and parked my car outside. Walked up to the front door, let myself in, went upstairs, knelt and announced that I was VERY needy and hungry for cock and loads and that I was a very slutty cumdump who needed it very badly. He then came up from behind, held my head, shoved some fingers in my mouth and talked dirty to me and fucked my mouth with two of his fingers while he did it. He then put a blindfold on, told me to stand up, then walked me to what I'm sure what the bedroom. I was put on my knees again and then he took some chain and he tied my hands behind my back. He then made me get his dick hard and teased my mouth with it. Kept saying not to get too ambitious...he had more coming and was looking for more. I asked how many, and he said let's take a look. He then sat down in a chair, while having me suck his cock as he checked emails, his phone, etc and he did that for the next 2 hours finding guys to come over. He continued to just let me whore out on his dick and gave me some awesome throat fucking in the process.

The first additional guy got there like 30 minutes after I arrived, they greeted each other and next thing I know I'm being passed off to a much bigger cock and getting my throat worked on by him. They both are really verbal (which is awesome...totally gets me going) and then the guy who is hosting begins to finger my pussy. They have me entirely. They move me then to the bed, put me on my back and hang my head over the edge. And they both enter my holes, throat and pussy, and begin to use me. Fuck yes I am in heaven. Then 2 more guys show up....

Honestly the next 90 minutes is sort of a blur. I was on that bed the entire time, they never used the paddle or ropes and I didn't get any piss, but I did get cock after cock after cock and got multiple loads from multiple guys. I was moved from my back, to all fours, to my stomach, to standing bent over the bed, etc. By my best count I believe one more guy showed up (maybe 2 more for a total of 6) and I believe I got 9 loads in 2 hours. When the last guy bailed the guy who set this thing up had me back working his dick on my knees. It was soft because he had already jacked that morning and dumped two in me, but he went looking for more dick. Absolutely perfect - he seems to have a good network of guys he knows too. It was like 4 o'clock at this point, so he gave up, he showed me to the bathroom and let me clean up, I then got dressed, told him he knew how to get ahold of me, that I wanted even more dick next time and he guaranteed that he would help make that happen and said thanks. And like the good cumslut I am I told him to please tell all his friends.

Absolutely perfect in so many ways.... lots of dick, big cock, discrete, lots of privacy, kinky, aggressive, and made me feel like a total whore the entire time I was there. Just what the doctor ordered. He has already emailed me again and wants to know my availability. Praying that happens.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Most Memorable Fucks

I was asked a question a number of months ago by someone out here in the blogosphere about what were my most memorable fucks. Great question and I really had to think about it. So I took a trip down memory lane and denoted those that stand out in my mind. Some I have already written about, others I am sure I haven't and I'm sure I've forgotten some memorable times, but sometimes it all just blurs together.

Most Memorable Fucks

1. My sister's ex-boyfriend in my room
2. Orlando - 11 guys -
3. Matt Gilman in the hottub
4. Party at Adam's house
5. Waterpolo teammates
6. Poker at House of PD
7. Civil War 2009
8. EX - Beach Party
9. Sleeping porch
10. Soccer camp

I will do my best to begin to weave these stories into my posts as I can. Working on dick right now - have 2 dudes so far for 2pm at this guy's townhouse. We'll see if he cums through. Squeeze it easy.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Post: Ann Arbor Slut

Sorry guys.... he asked me to delete this posting. He realized he was not a true cum dump like your truly, got like 6 offers for cock in less than 24 hours and he said he just couldn't do it. He was very apologetic. I HATE having to delete a post - totally poor form, but want to be respectful. Hope everyone understands.

Peace and love,


Friday, August 6, 2010

Going on Vacation

Yes...I am alive and well. Just taking a break from this crazy little corner of the universe. I am sure you will be pleased to hear that I have been as slutty as ever recently. For example....

Last week I had a bud of mine email me to see what I was up to. I emailed him back and he wanted me to come over and get used by him and his buddy. After a few back-and-forths, I went over. I was given very specific instructions when I got there. I was to 1) come in the front door, 2) announce my arrival, 3) strip to my underwear only, 4) place a blindfold on (which was a piece of fabrix hanging on the inside doorknob) and 5) get on my knees & wait. I did EXACTLY I was instructed, then my buddy came out, got me up off my knees and took me into the back of the house, down a set of stairs and into the basement. When I got there, there were all these whispers from people in the room. I thought only his friend was going to be there, but was told wrong - there were I 'think' four of them total. Totally had butterflies in my stomach and was wondering what I had just walked into. I was told to get on my knees. Then someone asked me if I wanted some cock and I answered "absolutely. yes please", then another guy laughed and said something degrading like "what a fucking slut' or whatever, and then my buddy instructed me to open up and then his cock was in my mouth and he made me get it hard while all the other guys just watched. I couldn't see a thing - didn't really care either - just use my holes. There was porn going on in the background as well I think. I got him hard, got some good old fashion face fucking done on my skull, licked his nuts while he made me beg for his baby batter and then you pretty know what happened from there.... Got passed around from cock to cock and swallowed all of their loads. They were all pretty cool, but aggresive, very verbal & degrading (which I absolutely love and positively respond to). Good cocks - nothing tiny, one that was above average and very thick too. Great big loads - so delicious. After they were through with getting off (I never got off and never expect to), I was taken back up to to the entryway where I came in, my buddy took my blindfold off, chatted for a few with him while I got dressed and then I left. Elapsed time = 90 minutes about. Loads = 4. Not a bad afternoon whatsoever.

And yesterday, I had a friend of mine that I've known since high school IM me. Bullshitted for a bit, but he wanted to 'whore me out' (Not his idea. I asked him to BTW He knows what a slut I am which is why he IM'd me in the first place). I agreed OBVIOUSLY. Then like 45 minutes later he found me on IM and asked if I was still available - I was. He found a guy online and he wanted to fuck me. Sounds good to me. He was 24, 5'8, 155, brn/grn, 7.5c thick and about 20 minutes from where I was. I was told where to meet him and my friend gave him my cell phone. I talked to the guy and met him in a grocery store parking lot and then he took me back to his apartment. He was pretty fucking hot, cute face, trim body from what I could tell, didn't talk much. So, then I called my friend while in the car with this guy and told him I was there. I handed the phone over and he and this dude talked for a bit and then he told my friend we'd call him back. Got back to his place - was this fucking huge house overlooking a lake - no chance this place was his all by himself unless he is a drug dealer or something. Doesn't matter, I'm just saying. Was brought in through the front door, and then taken straight back onto this covered deck on the back of the house overlooking the lake (was kinda wooded too). He told me to take off my shirt, I did, then he pushed me on my knees and had me work on his cock with my tongue, mouth, lips and throat. He then told me to take the rest of my clothes off - no problem. I then sucked him some more, was stood back up and then bent over a patio chair and fucking RAILED. He fucking shoved his fat cock into my cunt with no lube, just spit and didn't ease in, he just went to town. And then he fucked really hard and held onto my hips and just worked my pussy. Out in the open on some dude's deck at this killer house - really fun. While he was fucking me, he made me dial up the phone of my friend and then put it on speakerphone. My buddy answered and then listened in, talked some shit and they talked back and forth when I wasn't responding to his questions cause I was panting in heat while he was demolishing my boy hole. A few minutes later he asked if I wanted his seed - YEEEESSSS I do. He then dumped a fat load in my pussy and then made me lick his cock clean. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My friend was on the phone the entire time at this point too which I thought was hot. I got my composure, the got somewhat haphazardly dressed, said thank you like a good slut and told him I'm available again if he wants. He just smiled and said 'You can leave through the side of the house. Don't forget to lock the gate behind you." Oh god...cocky too. I was smitten. Totally and completely used - perfect. Then got to do the walk of shame BACK to my car in the grocery store parking lot. Was only like 5 blocks or so. So fun and I really really hope I get this guy back inside me - been thinking about him all day.

Going on vacation for a week, so will be off the reservation for a week or so. Thanks again for everyone's support on this blog shit. I am not loosing sleep over all of this, just irritating nonetheless. All is fine.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Dugout

Let's get the dugout details told so there is no ambiguity.

At my high school in the Fall there was football, soccer, cross country, swimming and volleyball. In the Winter it was basketball, water polo and wrestling. And in the Spring was baseball, track, softball, golf and tennis. So in the Fall, we had JV football on Thursday nights and Varsity football on Friday nights. Football was a big deal, we were fairly decent, competitive, made the playoffs all 4 years I was there at least. By the time I reached my junior year of high school, I had quite a reputation amongst some of the popular and semi-popular guys. As I have blogged before about some of my early escapades, I was a cumslut even back then. Was all a big secret, but would suck guy's dicks and get fucked in bathrooms at school, in someones car during lunch, etc.

So Friday nights when everyone was at the football games, it was always a convenient time for them to want to fuck around, get off, or just simply be dicks and use me. Sometimes it was just one, other times it was a couple, and sometimes it was alot. Had to be discreet obviously, but would sneak off during games to a secluded place or go to a party afterwards and fuck around there, etc. One place that we found that was pretty secluded DURING the games was the dugout of the varsity baseball field.

I went so far as to Google map it (see image here)and do a screen grab of my high school's campus. That way you can get the visual. The dugout has been highlighted to show exactly where it is I am talking about. What you'll see is the main road on the North side of the football and baseball fields and some parking. The fields are all individually closed in with chain link fences, so there are defined entrances for football games that are entering from the North side in. The teams, on the other hand, use the lockerroom in the school (SE corner of the picture). They run across the 'baseball field' (except it is actually the SOCCER field this time of year) to enter the game, for halftimes and exit that way to shower up. Long story short... there is a gate open from within the football field that leads onto the baseball field. And during the games, everyone was in the stadium so essentially no one was around in those parts. Plus the dugouts are sunken and it is pretty dark, so practically impossible to see anything from afar and we'd see someone approaching before they saw us.
So sometimes during games, I'd end up in the dugout. Sometimes it was me sneaking off with a dude. Many times it would be sort of prearranged where he'd find me at school that day or send me a text and tell me to be ready at the game. So, I'd run into the aforementioned guy I knew, (most were not necessarily my friend, just knew I was a sure thing and they liked to get off with me) at the game in the bleachers or down behind the endzone where a lot of students hung out. Sometimes it would not be prearranged and I'd just get a shoulder tap or something and just head off. Would just tell my friends that I was gonna go take a piss or was gonna go wander with X (whoever the guy(s) were). When another friend would tag along unexpectedly, I'd have to kinda just go along with it and then ditch him/her and blame it on the crowds. LOL - I was such a dick hungry slut even then. Then we'd head off - not always at the dugout, although it was a good place to do it if all else failed. I recall taking cock under the bleachers a couple times (really risky since little kids would run around down there), in guy's cars, over by the track, in an empty classroom, porta-potty, wrestling gym, behind the pool, etc. Probably the most frequent was the dugout for during the games and in guy's cars or outdoors somewhere after games.
There were also a few times where I would be told to go to the dugout and wait. It sometimes was unplanned, but mainly was pre-planned earlier that week or day. So like a good cumdump, I'd be there when I was told and would wait. A couple times no one showed, fucking embarrassing. And a few times, guys would show. The most I ever had was 6 guys during the course of a game. Most I ever had at once was 3 at a time. Once was almost caught by a parent, but we played it off that we were just messing around and kinda just bailed real quick. I'd typically suck cock either on my knees or sitting on the bench. I also got fucked by some guys, usually standing up with ass in the air, him behind me shoving it in. I remember being made to lick the cum off of the bench that dripped somehow, licking cum off some guy's shoe, having my face being held deep on a guy's cock and gagging and being railed while standing - being bent over and holding onto of the poles that supported the roof of the dugout.
Do I have pictures or video of this? Fuck no. I seem to have an extremely vivid imagination so says some of my readers. And for some narcissistic reason that pisses me off. I hate being accused of being a liar, because I don't lie. The only lie I tell/live is that I am totally straight and not into guys, dick and cum. Some people in my life just don't need to know that I LOVE cock and loads and guys using my holes.
Anyways, I wish that I could delete this post and then retype it word for word to explain all the minor details again to somehow show I'm telling the truth. But I can't. Because even if I did, some screwball reader would turn into a psychopath and throw stones. WTF - seriously.... is this all THAT serious? Really? WTF!!!!! I will leave it up to you to jump to your own conclusions.
Thanks for all the support. I still haven't decided if I am going to stick with this or not. Kinda weighing on me. Appreciate all the positive notes. Make it a great day guys.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The CUMSLUT collection

I am dumbfounded by the crazy response on this thing. Totally dumbfounded. I'm at that point of just abandoning ship...have better things to do with my time. But don't want to run away either - not afraid of some skeptics. I literally have nothing to prove, but appreciate how this all sounds 'too good to be true' - remember I'm a real person that is really living this life, not some freakazoid living in la-la land. I prefer to just take the high road.

So, decided to parse through my pic files and provide self pictures of me throughout the years till now. Pic to your left is taken like 2 weeks ago for the record. I included some non-incriminating naughty pics as well, but I am in no way am planning to include any sex pics or anything - I simply just don't trust the internet. And for the record... I have been offered porn shit before, but I am ain't no porn star. I have no cool porn name either. They just call me cumslut.

Here you go.... CUMSLUT collection just for you guys....

By the way, camping was really fun. Swam a ton, played games, drank way too much (my liver fucking hates me), got some cock and cum as I expected, got a better tan, had a great time with friends. I admit, though, it felt awesome to come home and shower. Lots of stories, but don't even think I'll bring them up. Sick and tired of being crusified for them and all the accusations.

Quote of the day - "How do you feel being denied this hungry, hungry pussy?"

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Pussy Hurts

Hey guys,

Hope summer is well - having a good one here myself so far. Got a summer job that has me working weird hours, been hanging with friends and family, and getting my pussy used as much as humanly possible! No lie. Allow me to explain the title of this post...

Today is Friday. I have already had 3 fucks today and I am itching for more. I got a couple emails this morning from guys I know. So, made arrangements to have both of them meet me. They had never met, but it was awesome. Both took turns plowing my shithole in my bedroom and blew a load one after the other inside my cunt. That was at noon, then sent a text to a dude I had told I would be available today to let him know my pussy needed more. Ended up meeting him at his place and he fucked me on the floor of his family room with the windows wide open. Huge fucking cock (like 8.5x6.5 per my measurements) and really fucking good at going fast, then show, and just keeping my cunt riding on that shit constantly. Very verbal and makes me feel like the slut that I am.

Yesterday I worked and met my friend Kyle and got worked over in the dugout of a baseball field around here at the high school. It was nightime, but was fucking hot. I used to whore out in the dugout in high school during football games my senior year. Football was in the fall and on Friday nights when we had home games( and sometimes during basketball season too) I used to literally wait in the dugouts on game nights naked, and as many as like 10 guys would come by during and after the game. I would suck cock and sometimes get fucked. Good times. Anyways.... Matt met me at the same dugout last night and raped me like usual. Has been looking real good these days and is a fucking hot fuck. Good size cock, greta body and face, really tough, cocky and masculine and just oozes hotness. He got there and I was waiting naked as I was told, and he fingered my cunt and made me beg for it, then put me on my knees and face slapped me with his cock, slapped it on my forehead, tongue, cheeks, etc. and then made me suck it and deepthroat it, then bent me over the bench with my pussy in the air and fucked me. Not sure how long, but was probably a good 20 minutes of good fucking. Was exhausting, but hella fun.

And on Wednesday I whored out in a hotel room and got whored out by a dude I met through a mutal friend. He set it up, called his friends, and they all came to this sketchy room and face fucked me and banged the shit out of my pussy. 6 of them in total - two black guys, one latino, the other white guys. He was 27, his friends were around his age, good looking, couple of really good bodies and everyone had an awesome dick - think the smallest was about 7.5 and had a 9 incher thick too. MMM fuck yes.

I have had a handful of responses about sending me cum. I have yet to receive any, but am hoping they start 'flowing in' in a week or so. If anyone has recommendations or requests of what you'd like me to do with all of them, please send me a note or email. Not sure on total amount, but so far I have counted ~35 loads so far that guys have said they want to send, but that is honestly probably conservative. I don't expect them all to show at the same time, but we'll see. If you'd like to contribute just email me and let me know.

Heading camping this week with some friends. Guaranteed cock and cum, so should be fun and hot. Like really fucking hot here. Great cause then guys barely wear clothes and lets me go shirtless as much as possible, freeballin, and show off for people. Love watching guys behind my sunglasses totally stare. Makes me bone.

Alright guys.... squeeze it easy & fuck it hard.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Passing the Time

Hope all is well and you're gearing up the the 4th. Been meaning to write the last few days, but just haven't. I don't have a lot to say but didn't want to to be absent. Been a massive whore lately - in the last 3 days alone I have taken over 20 loads. I just can't get enough. It is all I think about. I need it constantly and my pussy literally twitches for more constantly. Thank goodness I know how to make it feel better. Anyways, I ran into this video and had to share - fucking hot! Have a great 4th everybody. And thanks to those of you who are collecting and sending in your loads. I still haven't received any, but hopefully soon. Will be sure to keep you all updated on that.

Watch Video here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sucking Cock

I am sitting in a Starbucks right now, sipping a Grande Americano with room w/ half&half and some brown sugar. My breath still tastes like cock and cum.

I went out with a friend, Pat and his friend Dan, and went frisbee golfing. Great time. They both were having me suck them and playing with my pussy when we were in discrete places throughout the park we were playing at. Was having a great time. Was on my knees, in the mud, sucking Dan off on a path. Over the hill all of a sudden was a group of guys. They totally saw us. We just played it cool and went on our way.

Well, like 3 or 4 holes later, we stroll up to the next tee and there they all were just standing around, couple were smoking, couple had beers. They greeted us as we walked up and then just kinda had an uncomfortable silence. Then one of the dudes stepped towards us, holding a beer, and like puffed his chest and then grabbed his belt and cock through his jeans. He was probably later 20s, lean, dark hair, veiny arms, good looking I guess. Anyways, he said something like 'yeah, we've been waiting for you. Heard there was a cocksucker in our midst. Word around the course is you're giving away blowjobs. And he just smiled.

I stood there for a moment stunned, then just fully admitted that he was totally right. That I'd suck all of their cocks and take them in my ass too if they wanted. Just say when and where. A couple of them smiled, a couple just stood there not making eye contact and the guy in front of me and one other dude, started laughing together. He then proceeded to pull his cock out of his jeans and I instinctually jumped to my knees and started sucking his cock. Was good length and thickness. Got it extremely hard, sticking straight up at attention, and proceeded to get him off. His buddies and Pat and Dan joined in and I ended up taking all 3 of them. Then some other dudes showed up, so had to buckle up and move on.

At the last hole, they were all waiting for us. One of them motioned me over and said "You're not done." Go get in that porta-potty. We'll all be in. So, went to the porta-potty that was like 30 yards away. Sat in on the toilet seat. It smelled like a mixture of cigarettes, beer and some sort of sterilization sanitizer. Momentarily, they all began to file in. Sucked the other 3 of them plus one of the first guys again as well. No one fucked me unfortunately, but got 6 yummy loads plus 2 each from Pat and his friend Dan. Absolutely no complaints.
This is gonna be an awesome summer.
Now back to my coffee to attempt to mask the scent of cock and loads before I head home.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seeking Cum

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the nice comments - appreciate it. Been busy trying to find a summer job and horny as fuck, so have been to the porn store 3 days in a row taking anaymous cock through the gloryholes. Actually went there twice today and have had 5 loads so far. I need it!!!

So, something I am interested in, but not sure it is feasible. I am interested in huge amounts of cum. So was wondering if any of you would be interested in saving up some loads and sending them to me discretely? The more the merrier, but desperately want to get a significant amount and whore out with it. If you are open to it and willing to send to me when you have saved up, send me an email to Hopefully can find a fan out there into sgaring their baby juice. I am open to suggestions of what I should do with it. Thanks!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

School Year Finally Over


First and foremost, I want to thank all of you who left me notes, sent me messages and checked in on me over the course of the last three months. I genuinely appreciate it. I am more than just fine - I am relieved beyond words to have this semester behind me. I am finally on summer break as of today and felt compelled to update my blog (finally!) and make sure that each of you knew I was healthy, safe, happy and slutty as ever.

So what the fuck have I been doing the last 3 months you probably are asking? Where to begin...

1) School. Absolutely killed me. Had a full load, was taking two extremely challenging math classes (Stats 320 and Business Calculus 258) that sucked the life out of me, had a philosophy course that had more reading involved that I bargained for, had a business ethics class with a professor I would prefer he took a shit and fell back in it, and had a creative writing class I had to take that was fucking retarded yet also made me wish I was doing anything else. Anyways, school took up ALOT of my time. I am paying for this shit myself, so am not about wasting my own money on something so committed to putting a lot of effort in. Not sure of the results, but thinking I pulled like a 3.1 or 3.2.

2) Roommates. In the winter, I moved in with three guys from school. Been a ton of fun. Although, I don't get any privacy, there are people at our place pretty much 24/7 (girlfriends, friends, randoms), and they like to party. The result is me getting pulled into hanging out with them during my free time. Been totally awesome and have made some excellent friends, but it fills practically all my free time.

3) Internship. Yes, beyond classes, homework, reading, papers, tests, study groups and then my social calendar with my friends, I also have been doing an internship at a local business as part of my degree. Am getting school credit to do it. I prefer to not say exactly where it is, but work 15 hours/week here which has been a real test on my time management skills.

4) Cock. I know this is all you really care about. Don't worry, I've been a good slut and been whoring out like mad on the side. Have found myself a good number of regulars around here. I continue to encourage them all to tell their friends. That has worked great and found just in the last few weeks I had like 10 new guys I met that were friends of friends that needed to nut. I aim to please and have a great base to start from for next school year.

Because I have been so bad at keeping this blog up to date, I am having a hard time knowing where to start back off. My goal is to blog weekly over the summer and keep an account of the cock and loads I get. Will do my best to keep that commitment and would just ask for your patience as I live my life. My deepest thanks for your understanding and positive thoughts. Oh...and for those weirdos that send really mean messages (you know who you are) - go fuck yourself. I feel sorry for you. Go tell it to somebody who gives a flying rats shit about what you think. If you think I give it a second thought, then you thought wrong.

Peace everyone,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

i'm a slut

thanks for all the nice notes, emails, messages - really appreciated and appreciate your patience. This semester is kicking my ass, so certain things are falling off my plate because of my workload. But don't worry, my whorish ways have not even sort of slowed down. I am beginning to get quite a reputation amongst certain guys here at school which I love. My pussy is insatiable and been taken it like mad. for instance, am sitting here Sunday night with 4 loads in my pussy and also swallowed one from today since noon. Will do my very best to keep everyone updated, but wanted to be sure you knew I was alright, things are going good here, and I will do my very best to send some more specific updates ASAP. Can't wait till Spring Break!!! Heading on a road trip with some friends to Lake Tahoe. Hell yes.
By the way, here is the most current state of the 'cup of cum' for those who are tracking.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cup of Cum

Holy shit - I had to share this. A guy I know here has been saving his loads in some tupperware and sent me this picture today to give me an update. He is this fucking hot mid-20's grad student, with a very kinky side to him. I met him last semester and see him every blue moon. Told him a while ago how much I wanted his loads, so he took it upon himself to start saving so I could prove how much I want it! He says he plans to have the whole thing filled and then expects me to come over and take every drop like a good cumdump. FUCK YES. He estimates there is probably a cup of cum right now and he is depositing as much as he can produce to fill me. I am hard at the very thought of taking this much cum all at once. He promised to keep sending me updates as he progressed, so will be sure to share as I get more updates and then of course when I get the opportunity to take it all.

Monday, February 1, 2010

RA Usage in Walton

Been a long time guys... sorry about that. This semester my classes are extremely demanding, plus have roommates now so have quite a busy schedule. Nevertheless, I always find time to be the born cumdump I know I am. Thought I would share an experience I had last week.

Met a dude during finals last semester in the bathrooms in the library and sucked him off a couple times. I gave him my email and told him to let me know when and where...I am a sure thing. Well I heard from him when we got back from Christmas break and he obviously was needing it still. Told me he actually was the RA in one of the dorms on campus, so could host. Sounded good to me. So, the first week back I think I ended up back in his room three times and he not only face fucked me, but also fucked me rotten. Love showing up to class with fresh loads dripping from my pussy. Anyways, like a good slut, I encouraged him to tell his friends, pass the word around...would love to whore out for all of them.

So last Tuesday, he emailed me at like 9pm and told me he and some guys from his hall were drinking in his hall (a big no-no) and he had told them all about me and to get my ass over there. I got the email like an hour later, quickly responded, and got a message back in like 20 minutes saying to come over, would see what was up. So, I hauled ass over there and dropped my homework altogether, and showed up hungry for cock and loads. Got to his room, knocked, and there was no answer. Knocked again, no answer. So I waited and then a minute later he popped his head out of one of the rooms down the hall. told me to go inside, he'd be there in a minute. So, I let myself in, and without even being askled got down into my underwear (had gray AF boxer briefs on) and waited.

He came in and just smiled. He was obviously buzzed, but still looked hot. He told me to get on the bed, cause he wanted to use my holes. Don't have to tell me twice. I got on the bed, and he climbed on top of me and sat on my chest. He whipped out his cock (maybe 7.5c) and made me lick it, get it wet, and then he propped my head up and he proceeded to slowly fuck my throat. I grabbed his ass and pulled his cock deeper down my throat. He got a great rhythm going and had me totally gagging on his cock, calling me names and choking me on his shaft. He then stopped and took my underwear off. He told me to hold my legs up and apart and show him my hole. I willingly showed my pussy to him which was still swollen from a rough fuck I had had earlier that day. He then hopped off the bed, told me to stay in that position, he'd be right back.

So, I sat there with my knees at my chest and my forearms behind my quads waiting. It seemed like forever, but did as I was told. Then the door opened, and he was back, along with two other guys. They closed the door, and my fuckbud commented that "See, I wasn't kidding' and the guys were just staring at my cunt and one of them even laughed. He then asked me, 'Do you like your ass used?" I said "Yes sir" and he then said "Finger fuck yourself for us" so I did. I played with my pussy for a few minutes, told them all how much I loved my pussy filled and begged them all to fill it for me. One of his friends totally laughed out of disbelief and said something like "Poor bastard." Then my bud had his friends hold each a leg and he climbed back on his bed, pulled his cock back out, and without lube or anything, shoved his cock to the base and I yelled out a little yelp. He pulled all the way back out and then did it again. He then proceeded to fuck me. His friends eventually started being vocal and encouraging their friend to do it.

He dumped a seed deep in my twat, and then each of his friends climbed up and took their turn using their friend's seed as lube. They had to put a sock in my mouth cause I was being too loud. After the third guy was done, I just laid there for a bit and caught my breath. His friends just sort of bailed and didn't really say a thing to me other than the shit they were talking while I was getting used. Doesn't matter to me, but hoping I get some of that again for damn sure. Then my fuckbud made me show him my pussy again and I was totally leaking baby batter, but he shoved it all back in my pussy with his fingers. He just kept fingering my pussy and then putting his fingers in my mouth, making me tell him how it tasted and tell him how much I loved it. He then let me get dressed and I left.

I now need to become a regular in all the dorms so they all start passing me around from floor to floor. One step at a time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Better Late Than Never


Thanks for all the awesome notes, messages and comments. I'm sorry I've been off my blog schedule...back to school and really busy. I also have new roommates, so have been spending a little too much time partying and not enough time online. Anyways, wanted to drop a note and say thanks to everyone - I have now over 100 followers and 3,000 views. Amazing. Thanks again!
Here is a pic for your pleasure to say thank you!!!

And yes, I continue my slutty ways here. I need to begin tracking better my shenanigans, but I estimate I am ~30 loads in so far in the first 13 days of the year.... not bad. Will try and commit some time very soon to update everyone on my New Years (keep getting asked about that), plus I have a stable of questions you guys threw at me that I am also wanting to answer and get to. Definitely will do that too.

Hope all is well and having a kick ass 2010 so far.