Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cup of Cum

Holy shit - I had to share this. A guy I know here has been saving his loads in some tupperware and sent me this picture today to give me an update. He is this fucking hot mid-20's grad student, with a very kinky side to him. I met him last semester and see him every blue moon. Told him a while ago how much I wanted his loads, so he took it upon himself to start saving so I could prove how much I want it! He says he plans to have the whole thing filled and then expects me to come over and take every drop like a good cumdump. FUCK YES. He estimates there is probably a cup of cum right now and he is depositing as much as he can produce to fill me. I am hard at the very thought of taking this much cum all at once. He promised to keep sending me updates as he progressed, so will be sure to share as I get more updates and then of course when I get the opportunity to take it all.

Monday, February 1, 2010

RA Usage in Walton

Been a long time guys... sorry about that. This semester my classes are extremely demanding, plus have roommates now so have quite a busy schedule. Nevertheless, I always find time to be the born cumdump I know I am. Thought I would share an experience I had last week.

Met a dude during finals last semester in the bathrooms in the library and sucked him off a couple times. I gave him my email and told him to let me know when and where...I am a sure thing. Well I heard from him when we got back from Christmas break and he obviously was needing it still. Told me he actually was the RA in one of the dorms on campus, so could host. Sounded good to me. So, the first week back I think I ended up back in his room three times and he not only face fucked me, but also fucked me rotten. Love showing up to class with fresh loads dripping from my pussy. Anyways, like a good slut, I encouraged him to tell his friends, pass the word around...would love to whore out for all of them.

So last Tuesday, he emailed me at like 9pm and told me he and some guys from his hall were drinking in his hall (a big no-no) and he had told them all about me and to get my ass over there. I got the email like an hour later, quickly responded, and got a message back in like 20 minutes saying to come over, would see what was up. So, I hauled ass over there and dropped my homework altogether, and showed up hungry for cock and loads. Got to his room, knocked, and there was no answer. Knocked again, no answer. So I waited and then a minute later he popped his head out of one of the rooms down the hall. told me to go inside, he'd be there in a minute. So, I let myself in, and without even being askled got down into my underwear (had gray AF boxer briefs on) and waited.

He came in and just smiled. He was obviously buzzed, but still looked hot. He told me to get on the bed, cause he wanted to use my holes. Don't have to tell me twice. I got on the bed, and he climbed on top of me and sat on my chest. He whipped out his cock (maybe 7.5c) and made me lick it, get it wet, and then he propped my head up and he proceeded to slowly fuck my throat. I grabbed his ass and pulled his cock deeper down my throat. He got a great rhythm going and had me totally gagging on his cock, calling me names and choking me on his shaft. He then stopped and took my underwear off. He told me to hold my legs up and apart and show him my hole. I willingly showed my pussy to him which was still swollen from a rough fuck I had had earlier that day. He then hopped off the bed, told me to stay in that position, he'd be right back.

So, I sat there with my knees at my chest and my forearms behind my quads waiting. It seemed like forever, but did as I was told. Then the door opened, and he was back, along with two other guys. They closed the door, and my fuckbud commented that "See, I wasn't kidding' and the guys were just staring at my cunt and one of them even laughed. He then asked me, 'Do you like your ass used?" I said "Yes sir" and he then said "Finger fuck yourself for us" so I did. I played with my pussy for a few minutes, told them all how much I loved my pussy filled and begged them all to fill it for me. One of his friends totally laughed out of disbelief and said something like "Poor bastard." Then my bud had his friends hold each a leg and he climbed back on his bed, pulled his cock back out, and without lube or anything, shoved his cock to the base and I yelled out a little yelp. He pulled all the way back out and then did it again. He then proceeded to fuck me. His friends eventually started being vocal and encouraging their friend to do it.

He dumped a seed deep in my twat, and then each of his friends climbed up and took their turn using their friend's seed as lube. They had to put a sock in my mouth cause I was being too loud. After the third guy was done, I just laid there for a bit and caught my breath. His friends just sort of bailed and didn't really say a thing to me other than the shit they were talking while I was getting used. Doesn't matter to me, but hoping I get some of that again for damn sure. Then my fuckbud made me show him my pussy again and I was totally leaking baby batter, but he shoved it all back in my pussy with his fingers. He just kept fingering my pussy and then putting his fingers in my mouth, making me tell him how it tasted and tell him how much I loved it. He then let me get dressed and I left.

I now need to become a regular in all the dorms so they all start passing me around from floor to floor. One step at a time.