Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Passing the Time

Hope all is well and you're gearing up the the 4th. Been meaning to write the last few days, but just haven't. I don't have a lot to say but didn't want to to be absent. Been a massive whore lately - in the last 3 days alone I have taken over 20 loads. I just can't get enough. It is all I think about. I need it constantly and my pussy literally twitches for more constantly. Thank goodness I know how to make it feel better. Anyways, I ran into this video and had to share - fucking hot! Have a great 4th everybody. And thanks to those of you who are collecting and sending in your loads. I still haven't received any, but hopefully soon. Will be sure to keep you all updated on that.

Watch Video here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sucking Cock

I am sitting in a Starbucks right now, sipping a Grande Americano with room w/ half&half and some brown sugar. My breath still tastes like cock and cum.

I went out with a friend, Pat and his friend Dan, and went frisbee golfing. Great time. They both were having me suck them and playing with my pussy when we were in discrete places throughout the park we were playing at. Was having a great time. Was on my knees, in the mud, sucking Dan off on a path. Over the hill all of a sudden was a group of guys. They totally saw us. We just played it cool and went on our way.

Well, like 3 or 4 holes later, we stroll up to the next tee and there they all were just standing around, couple were smoking, couple had beers. They greeted us as we walked up and then just kinda had an uncomfortable silence. Then one of the dudes stepped towards us, holding a beer, and like puffed his chest and then grabbed his belt and cock through his jeans. He was probably later 20s, lean, dark hair, veiny arms, good looking I guess. Anyways, he said something like 'yeah, we've been waiting for you. Heard there was a cocksucker in our midst. Word around the course is you're giving away blowjobs. And he just smiled.

I stood there for a moment stunned, then just fully admitted that he was totally right. That I'd suck all of their cocks and take them in my ass too if they wanted. Just say when and where. A couple of them smiled, a couple just stood there not making eye contact and the guy in front of me and one other dude, started laughing together. He then proceeded to pull his cock out of his jeans and I instinctually jumped to my knees and started sucking his cock. Was good length and thickness. Got it extremely hard, sticking straight up at attention, and proceeded to get him off. His buddies and Pat and Dan joined in and I ended up taking all 3 of them. Then some other dudes showed up, so had to buckle up and move on.

At the last hole, they were all waiting for us. One of them motioned me over and said "You're not done." Go get in that porta-potty. We'll all be in. So, went to the porta-potty that was like 30 yards away. Sat in on the toilet seat. It smelled like a mixture of cigarettes, beer and some sort of sterilization sanitizer. Momentarily, they all began to file in. Sucked the other 3 of them plus one of the first guys again as well. No one fucked me unfortunately, but got 6 yummy loads plus 2 each from Pat and his friend Dan. Absolutely no complaints.
This is gonna be an awesome summer.
Now back to my coffee to attempt to mask the scent of cock and loads before I head home.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seeking Cum

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the nice comments - appreciate it. Been busy trying to find a summer job and horny as fuck, so have been to the porn store 3 days in a row taking anaymous cock through the gloryholes. Actually went there twice today and have had 5 loads so far. I need it!!!

So, something I am interested in, but not sure it is feasible. I am interested in huge amounts of cum. So was wondering if any of you would be interested in saving up some loads and sending them to me discretely? The more the merrier, but desperately want to get a significant amount and whore out with it. If you are open to it and willing to send to me when you have saved up, send me an email to willbeg4cock@yahoo.com. Hopefully can find a fan out there into sgaring their baby juice. I am open to suggestions of what I should do with it. Thanks!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

School Year Finally Over


First and foremost, I want to thank all of you who left me notes, sent me messages and checked in on me over the course of the last three months. I genuinely appreciate it. I am more than just fine - I am relieved beyond words to have this semester behind me. I am finally on summer break as of today and felt compelled to update my blog (finally!) and make sure that each of you knew I was healthy, safe, happy and slutty as ever.

So what the fuck have I been doing the last 3 months you probably are asking? Where to begin...

1) School. Absolutely killed me. Had a full load, was taking two extremely challenging math classes (Stats 320 and Business Calculus 258) that sucked the life out of me, had a philosophy course that had more reading involved that I bargained for, had a business ethics class with a professor I would prefer he took a shit and fell back in it, and had a creative writing class I had to take that was fucking retarded yet also made me wish I was doing anything else. Anyways, school took up ALOT of my time. I am paying for this shit myself, so am not about wasting my own money on something so committed to putting a lot of effort in. Not sure of the results, but thinking I pulled like a 3.1 or 3.2.

2) Roommates. In the winter, I moved in with three guys from school. Been a ton of fun. Although, I don't get any privacy, there are people at our place pretty much 24/7 (girlfriends, friends, randoms), and they like to party. The result is me getting pulled into hanging out with them during my free time. Been totally awesome and have made some excellent friends, but it fills practically all my free time.

3) Internship. Yes, beyond classes, homework, reading, papers, tests, study groups and then my social calendar with my friends, I also have been doing an internship at a local business as part of my degree. Am getting school credit to do it. I prefer to not say exactly where it is, but work 15 hours/week here which has been a real test on my time management skills.

4) Cock. I know this is all you really care about. Don't worry, I've been a good slut and been whoring out like mad on the side. Have found myself a good number of regulars around here. I continue to encourage them all to tell their friends. That has worked great and found just in the last few weeks I had like 10 new guys I met that were friends of friends that needed to nut. I aim to please and have a great base to start from for next school year.

Because I have been so bad at keeping this blog up to date, I am having a hard time knowing where to start back off. My goal is to blog weekly over the summer and keep an account of the cock and loads I get. Will do my best to keep that commitment and would just ask for your patience as I live my life. My deepest thanks for your understanding and positive thoughts. Oh...and for those weirdos that send really mean messages (you know who you are) - go fuck yourself. I feel sorry for you. Go tell it to somebody who gives a flying rats shit about what you think. If you think I give it a second thought, then you thought wrong.

Peace everyone,