Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Dugout

Let's get the dugout details told so there is no ambiguity.

At my high school in the Fall there was football, soccer, cross country, swimming and volleyball. In the Winter it was basketball, water polo and wrestling. And in the Spring was baseball, track, softball, golf and tennis. So in the Fall, we had JV football on Thursday nights and Varsity football on Friday nights. Football was a big deal, we were fairly decent, competitive, made the playoffs all 4 years I was there at least. By the time I reached my junior year of high school, I had quite a reputation amongst some of the popular and semi-popular guys. As I have blogged before about some of my early escapades, I was a cumslut even back then. Was all a big secret, but would suck guy's dicks and get fucked in bathrooms at school, in someones car during lunch, etc.

So Friday nights when everyone was at the football games, it was always a convenient time for them to want to fuck around, get off, or just simply be dicks and use me. Sometimes it was just one, other times it was a couple, and sometimes it was alot. Had to be discreet obviously, but would sneak off during games to a secluded place or go to a party afterwards and fuck around there, etc. One place that we found that was pretty secluded DURING the games was the dugout of the varsity baseball field.

I went so far as to Google map it (see image here)and do a screen grab of my high school's campus. That way you can get the visual. The dugout has been highlighted to show exactly where it is I am talking about. What you'll see is the main road on the North side of the football and baseball fields and some parking. The fields are all individually closed in with chain link fences, so there are defined entrances for football games that are entering from the North side in. The teams, on the other hand, use the lockerroom in the school (SE corner of the picture). They run across the 'baseball field' (except it is actually the SOCCER field this time of year) to enter the game, for halftimes and exit that way to shower up. Long story short... there is a gate open from within the football field that leads onto the baseball field. And during the games, everyone was in the stadium so essentially no one was around in those parts. Plus the dugouts are sunken and it is pretty dark, so practically impossible to see anything from afar and we'd see someone approaching before they saw us.
So sometimes during games, I'd end up in the dugout. Sometimes it was me sneaking off with a dude. Many times it would be sort of prearranged where he'd find me at school that day or send me a text and tell me to be ready at the game. So, I'd run into the aforementioned guy I knew, (most were not necessarily my friend, just knew I was a sure thing and they liked to get off with me) at the game in the bleachers or down behind the endzone where a lot of students hung out. Sometimes it would not be prearranged and I'd just get a shoulder tap or something and just head off. Would just tell my friends that I was gonna go take a piss or was gonna go wander with X (whoever the guy(s) were). When another friend would tag along unexpectedly, I'd have to kinda just go along with it and then ditch him/her and blame it on the crowds. LOL - I was such a dick hungry slut even then. Then we'd head off - not always at the dugout, although it was a good place to do it if all else failed. I recall taking cock under the bleachers a couple times (really risky since little kids would run around down there), in guy's cars, over by the track, in an empty classroom, porta-potty, wrestling gym, behind the pool, etc. Probably the most frequent was the dugout for during the games and in guy's cars or outdoors somewhere after games.
There were also a few times where I would be told to go to the dugout and wait. It sometimes was unplanned, but mainly was pre-planned earlier that week or day. So like a good cumdump, I'd be there when I was told and would wait. A couple times no one showed, fucking embarrassing. And a few times, guys would show. The most I ever had was 6 guys during the course of a game. Most I ever had at once was 3 at a time. Once was almost caught by a parent, but we played it off that we were just messing around and kinda just bailed real quick. I'd typically suck cock either on my knees or sitting on the bench. I also got fucked by some guys, usually standing up with ass in the air, him behind me shoving it in. I remember being made to lick the cum off of the bench that dripped somehow, licking cum off some guy's shoe, having my face being held deep on a guy's cock and gagging and being railed while standing - being bent over and holding onto of the poles that supported the roof of the dugout.
Do I have pictures or video of this? Fuck no. I seem to have an extremely vivid imagination so says some of my readers. And for some narcissistic reason that pisses me off. I hate being accused of being a liar, because I don't lie. The only lie I tell/live is that I am totally straight and not into guys, dick and cum. Some people in my life just don't need to know that I LOVE cock and loads and guys using my holes.
Anyways, I wish that I could delete this post and then retype it word for word to explain all the minor details again to somehow show I'm telling the truth. But I can't. Because even if I did, some screwball reader would turn into a psychopath and throw stones. WTF - seriously.... is this all THAT serious? Really? WTF!!!!! I will leave it up to you to jump to your own conclusions.
Thanks for all the support. I still haven't decided if I am going to stick with this or not. Kinda weighing on me. Appreciate all the positive notes. Make it a great day guys.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The CUMSLUT collection

I am dumbfounded by the crazy response on this thing. Totally dumbfounded. I'm at that point of just abandoning ship...have better things to do with my time. But don't want to run away either - not afraid of some skeptics. I literally have nothing to prove, but appreciate how this all sounds 'too good to be true' - remember I'm a real person that is really living this life, not some freakazoid living in la-la land. I prefer to just take the high road.

So, decided to parse through my pic files and provide self pictures of me throughout the years till now. Pic to your left is taken like 2 weeks ago for the record. I included some non-incriminating naughty pics as well, but I am in no way am planning to include any sex pics or anything - I simply just don't trust the internet. And for the record... I have been offered porn shit before, but I am ain't no porn star. I have no cool porn name either. They just call me cumslut.

Here you go.... CUMSLUT collection just for you guys....

By the way, camping was really fun. Swam a ton, played games, drank way too much (my liver fucking hates me), got some cock and cum as I expected, got a better tan, had a great time with friends. I admit, though, it felt awesome to come home and shower. Lots of stories, but don't even think I'll bring them up. Sick and tired of being crusified for them and all the accusations.

Quote of the day - "How do you feel being denied this hungry, hungry pussy?"

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Pussy Hurts

Hey guys,

Hope summer is well - having a good one here myself so far. Got a summer job that has me working weird hours, been hanging with friends and family, and getting my pussy used as much as humanly possible! No lie. Allow me to explain the title of this post...

Today is Friday. I have already had 3 fucks today and I am itching for more. I got a couple emails this morning from guys I know. So, made arrangements to have both of them meet me. They had never met, but it was awesome. Both took turns plowing my shithole in my bedroom and blew a load one after the other inside my cunt. That was at noon, then sent a text to a dude I had told I would be available today to let him know my pussy needed more. Ended up meeting him at his place and he fucked me on the floor of his family room with the windows wide open. Huge fucking cock (like 8.5x6.5 per my measurements) and really fucking good at going fast, then show, and just keeping my cunt riding on that shit constantly. Very verbal and makes me feel like the slut that I am.

Yesterday I worked and met my friend Kyle and got worked over in the dugout of a baseball field around here at the high school. It was nightime, but was fucking hot. I used to whore out in the dugout in high school during football games my senior year. Football was in the fall and on Friday nights when we had home games( and sometimes during basketball season too) I used to literally wait in the dugouts on game nights naked, and as many as like 10 guys would come by during and after the game. I would suck cock and sometimes get fucked. Good times. Anyways.... Matt met me at the same dugout last night and raped me like usual. Has been looking real good these days and is a fucking hot fuck. Good size cock, greta body and face, really tough, cocky and masculine and just oozes hotness. He got there and I was waiting naked as I was told, and he fingered my cunt and made me beg for it, then put me on my knees and face slapped me with his cock, slapped it on my forehead, tongue, cheeks, etc. and then made me suck it and deepthroat it, then bent me over the bench with my pussy in the air and fucked me. Not sure how long, but was probably a good 20 minutes of good fucking. Was exhausting, but hella fun.

And on Wednesday I whored out in a hotel room and got whored out by a dude I met through a mutal friend. He set it up, called his friends, and they all came to this sketchy room and face fucked me and banged the shit out of my pussy. 6 of them in total - two black guys, one latino, the other white guys. He was 27, his friends were around his age, good looking, couple of really good bodies and everyone had an awesome dick - think the smallest was about 7.5 and had a 9 incher thick too. MMM fuck yes.

I have had a handful of responses about sending me cum. I have yet to receive any, but am hoping they start 'flowing in' in a week or so. If anyone has recommendations or requests of what you'd like me to do with all of them, please send me a note or email. Not sure on total amount, but so far I have counted ~35 loads so far that guys have said they want to send, but that is honestly probably conservative. I don't expect them all to show at the same time, but we'll see. If you'd like to contribute just email me and let me know.

Heading camping this week with some friends. Guaranteed cock and cum, so should be fun and hot. Like really fucking hot here. Great cause then guys barely wear clothes and lets me go shirtless as much as possible, freeballin, and show off for people. Love watching guys behind my sunglasses totally stare. Makes me bone.

Alright guys.... squeeze it easy & fuck it hard.