Monday, August 23, 2010

Bitching Out for Guys - this past Friday

Hey guys,

Been a busy little cock bitch the last week or so. Lots of texts, emails, IMs, et. al floating around regarding me offering/begging for my holes to be worked over. I have been talking to this guy on IM who was referred to me from a guy we mutually know. He is a little older (28 he says), 5'9, 145, brown hair, very lean and toned, 7c thick. However, he is really into the idea of whoring me out to his friends. We've been talking about it for a while, but finally found a time that worked for him to host. I was given very specific instructions via email:

"Door will be open, enter and walk upstairs. KNEEL and face towards dark hallway end, bow your head...sufficiently announce how willing, slutty and eager a cum whore you are to service...say it with conviction or get punished. I will blindfold you, then watch you disrobe for me on my command...I will instruct you after that...ropes, chains, light paddle all by bed on you as we see fit...plenty of cum and piss to give that easger cunt and throat!..."

So I quickly got my shit together, put on some shorts, no underwear, some flip flops, a hat and a wife beater and headed over. Got there in about 20 minutes and parked my car outside. Walked up to the front door, let myself in, went upstairs, knelt and announced that I was VERY needy and hungry for cock and loads and that I was a very slutty cumdump who needed it very badly. He then came up from behind, held my head, shoved some fingers in my mouth and talked dirty to me and fucked my mouth with two of his fingers while he did it. He then put a blindfold on, told me to stand up, then walked me to what I'm sure what the bedroom. I was put on my knees again and then he took some chain and he tied my hands behind my back. He then made me get his dick hard and teased my mouth with it. Kept saying not to get too ambitious...he had more coming and was looking for more. I asked how many, and he said let's take a look. He then sat down in a chair, while having me suck his cock as he checked emails, his phone, etc and he did that for the next 2 hours finding guys to come over. He continued to just let me whore out on his dick and gave me some awesome throat fucking in the process.

The first additional guy got there like 30 minutes after I arrived, they greeted each other and next thing I know I'm being passed off to a much bigger cock and getting my throat worked on by him. They both are really verbal (which is awesome...totally gets me going) and then the guy who is hosting begins to finger my pussy. They have me entirely. They move me then to the bed, put me on my back and hang my head over the edge. And they both enter my holes, throat and pussy, and begin to use me. Fuck yes I am in heaven. Then 2 more guys show up....

Honestly the next 90 minutes is sort of a blur. I was on that bed the entire time, they never used the paddle or ropes and I didn't get any piss, but I did get cock after cock after cock and got multiple loads from multiple guys. I was moved from my back, to all fours, to my stomach, to standing bent over the bed, etc. By my best count I believe one more guy showed up (maybe 2 more for a total of 6) and I believe I got 9 loads in 2 hours. When the last guy bailed the guy who set this thing up had me back working his dick on my knees. It was soft because he had already jacked that morning and dumped two in me, but he went looking for more dick. Absolutely perfect - he seems to have a good network of guys he knows too. It was like 4 o'clock at this point, so he gave up, he showed me to the bathroom and let me clean up, I then got dressed, told him he knew how to get ahold of me, that I wanted even more dick next time and he guaranteed that he would help make that happen and said thanks. And like the good cumslut I am I told him to please tell all his friends.

Absolutely perfect in so many ways.... lots of dick, big cock, discrete, lots of privacy, kinky, aggressive, and made me feel like a total whore the entire time I was there. Just what the doctor ordered. He has already emailed me again and wants to know my availability. Praying that happens.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Most Memorable Fucks

I was asked a question a number of months ago by someone out here in the blogosphere about what were my most memorable fucks. Great question and I really had to think about it. So I took a trip down memory lane and denoted those that stand out in my mind. Some I have already written about, others I am sure I haven't and I'm sure I've forgotten some memorable times, but sometimes it all just blurs together.

Most Memorable Fucks

1. My sister's ex-boyfriend in my room
2. Orlando - 11 guys -
3. Matt Gilman in the hottub
4. Party at Adam's house
5. Waterpolo teammates
6. Poker at House of PD
7. Civil War 2009
8. EX - Beach Party
9. Sleeping porch
10. Soccer camp

I will do my best to begin to weave these stories into my posts as I can. Working on dick right now - have 2 dudes so far for 2pm at this guy's townhouse. We'll see if he cums through. Squeeze it easy.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Post: Ann Arbor Slut

Sorry guys.... he asked me to delete this posting. He realized he was not a true cum dump like your truly, got like 6 offers for cock in less than 24 hours and he said he just couldn't do it. He was very apologetic. I HATE having to delete a post - totally poor form, but want to be respectful. Hope everyone understands.

Peace and love,


Friday, August 6, 2010

Going on Vacation

Yes...I am alive and well. Just taking a break from this crazy little corner of the universe. I am sure you will be pleased to hear that I have been as slutty as ever recently. For example....

Last week I had a bud of mine email me to see what I was up to. I emailed him back and he wanted me to come over and get used by him and his buddy. After a few back-and-forths, I went over. I was given very specific instructions when I got there. I was to 1) come in the front door, 2) announce my arrival, 3) strip to my underwear only, 4) place a blindfold on (which was a piece of fabrix hanging on the inside doorknob) and 5) get on my knees & wait. I did EXACTLY I was instructed, then my buddy came out, got me up off my knees and took me into the back of the house, down a set of stairs and into the basement. When I got there, there were all these whispers from people in the room. I thought only his friend was going to be there, but was told wrong - there were I 'think' four of them total. Totally had butterflies in my stomach and was wondering what I had just walked into. I was told to get on my knees. Then someone asked me if I wanted some cock and I answered "absolutely. yes please", then another guy laughed and said something degrading like "what a fucking slut' or whatever, and then my buddy instructed me to open up and then his cock was in my mouth and he made me get it hard while all the other guys just watched. I couldn't see a thing - didn't really care either - just use my holes. There was porn going on in the background as well I think. I got him hard, got some good old fashion face fucking done on my skull, licked his nuts while he made me beg for his baby batter and then you pretty know what happened from there.... Got passed around from cock to cock and swallowed all of their loads. They were all pretty cool, but aggresive, very verbal & degrading (which I absolutely love and positively respond to). Good cocks - nothing tiny, one that was above average and very thick too. Great big loads - so delicious. After they were through with getting off (I never got off and never expect to), I was taken back up to to the entryway where I came in, my buddy took my blindfold off, chatted for a few with him while I got dressed and then I left. Elapsed time = 90 minutes about. Loads = 4. Not a bad afternoon whatsoever.

And yesterday, I had a friend of mine that I've known since high school IM me. Bullshitted for a bit, but he wanted to 'whore me out' (Not his idea. I asked him to BTW He knows what a slut I am which is why he IM'd me in the first place). I agreed OBVIOUSLY. Then like 45 minutes later he found me on IM and asked if I was still available - I was. He found a guy online and he wanted to fuck me. Sounds good to me. He was 24, 5'8, 155, brn/grn, 7.5c thick and about 20 minutes from where I was. I was told where to meet him and my friend gave him my cell phone. I talked to the guy and met him in a grocery store parking lot and then he took me back to his apartment. He was pretty fucking hot, cute face, trim body from what I could tell, didn't talk much. So, then I called my friend while in the car with this guy and told him I was there. I handed the phone over and he and this dude talked for a bit and then he told my friend we'd call him back. Got back to his place - was this fucking huge house overlooking a lake - no chance this place was his all by himself unless he is a drug dealer or something. Doesn't matter, I'm just saying. Was brought in through the front door, and then taken straight back onto this covered deck on the back of the house overlooking the lake (was kinda wooded too). He told me to take off my shirt, I did, then he pushed me on my knees and had me work on his cock with my tongue, mouth, lips and throat. He then told me to take the rest of my clothes off - no problem. I then sucked him some more, was stood back up and then bent over a patio chair and fucking RAILED. He fucking shoved his fat cock into my cunt with no lube, just spit and didn't ease in, he just went to town. And then he fucked really hard and held onto my hips and just worked my pussy. Out in the open on some dude's deck at this killer house - really fun. While he was fucking me, he made me dial up the phone of my friend and then put it on speakerphone. My buddy answered and then listened in, talked some shit and they talked back and forth when I wasn't responding to his questions cause I was panting in heat while he was demolishing my boy hole. A few minutes later he asked if I wanted his seed - YEEEESSSS I do. He then dumped a fat load in my pussy and then made me lick his cock clean. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My friend was on the phone the entire time at this point too which I thought was hot. I got my composure, the got somewhat haphazardly dressed, said thank you like a good slut and told him I'm available again if he wants. He just smiled and said 'You can leave through the side of the house. Don't forget to lock the gate behind you." Oh god...cocky too. I was smitten. Totally and completely used - perfect. Then got to do the walk of shame BACK to my car in the grocery store parking lot. Was only like 5 blocks or so. So fun and I really really hope I get this guy back inside me - been thinking about him all day.

Going on vacation for a week, so will be off the reservation for a week or so. Thanks again for everyone's support on this blog shit. I am not loosing sleep over all of this, just irritating nonetheless. All is fine.