Friday, October 1, 2010

Week One

I am so behind...and I have literally been in classes for one week. School has officially started back up, football is all the rage, classes are already demanding from a time perspective, and there are fucking gorgeous guys everywhere.

I got in at the tail end of last week and got settled into my new place. Living in a 2 story house off campus with 4 guy friends. I essentially spent the first 5 days back at school hanging with friends, partying, and getting my slut on. I have classes 4 days a week as well, but been already being the good campus whore I was born to be.

I had already emailed with some regular fuckbuds before getting back letting them know when I'd be in town. Emailed again when I got here and got some dick within the first 8 hours of physically being in town. It was with this guy, I 'think' his name is JD, but not certain (because I forgot what he said it was). We met in a bathroom stall on campus last year a few different times, then exchanged personal info and he's been dumping loads in me since. Good looking, but not the hottest I've ever had either. Big cock however, like 8.5x6.5c, and loves being sucked and (in his own words) 'raping my throat.' Yes sir!!!! And he also loves to bend me over the side of his bed and rail my cunt. He's one of those types of guys who fucks extremely deep from practically the first thump and always gets the killer rhythm when he is deep fucking me. He knows I need it and I am glad he does. I've seen him 2 this week alone.

Probably my most favorite fuck since I've been back is a new guy in my adventures. I actually need to be a bit vague on who he is since he is an athlete here and I know wouldn't want others to know he fucks dudes. Anyways, I actually met him at a party last year in a very innocent way. Ran into him multiple times and was always friendly or whatever. Then I responded to an ad on CL one night last year and got to talking with this guy. Obviously.... it ended up to be him (or so he said via email once we talked some), but I didn't quite believe it. Kinda thought it was some tool pretending to be him. I was wrong, we emailed a couple times over the summer and said we should hook up when we get back. Well, we met in a public place and sure as fuck here he walks up. Was very awkward for him I could tell, but my total slut side came out. I told him everything in person I had told him over email. That I wanted him to fuck the shit out of my pussy. That I wanted him to use it any way he wanted to. That I'd do anything for it. We ended up in his car with me giving him road head and he drove to this business park (I have no fuckin clue where we were...was nighttime and was 'distracted'...), and got me on this patch of grass outside the car and had me suck him for a few minutes more, then bent me over the hood of his car with my shorts at my ankles and fucked me like a pussyboi needs fucking. He is fucking H-O-T, nice cock, and is super discrete and knows I respect that too. I am certain I'll see him again - my cunt is twitching at the thought. And I am secretly hoping that I can somehow convince him to group fuck me with some other straight guys. Wishful thinking I know, but a boy has gotta dream.

I hope to be able to write here with some consistency, but if I seem absent, I am fine, just really busy. I want to thank those of you who have been so supportive over the summer. And wish me luck on this semester.

My pussy needs fucked. Please tell everyone you know!!!!!