Monday, November 22, 2010

Cum Receptical - Send Me Your Loads (Take 2)

I made a request for anyone who was serious about saving up their own cum and sending it to me discretely. Had a few responses and talked to those of you who expressed interest and seemed sincere. Well, all were flakes and never sent. Not complaining since I realize that it is not very exciting for you, but if anyone is actually serious and wants me to whore out for real on your cum - as much of it as you can and want to save, I'd love it. And I am very into doing creative things for it and take requests (eat it on foods, spoonfeedings, shove in pussy with a turkey baster, etc.). I will not take pics since I don't take those sorts of pics, but will likely blog about it (keeping your discretion unless you want to be mentioned). Only pre-requisite is it has to be clean and you have to be very discrete.

Send me an email with your level of interest, somehow express to me how sincere you are, and tell me about yourself. Email is in my bio if you want to talk about it and arrange.

Hope to hear from you.


  1. I've now got almost 70 loads in 2 containers in my freezer - come to NYC, man - we'll load you up! -Dan
    p.s. check out this guy's blog - - he has 50 loads in his freezer!

    1. i will buy your cum loads a quart jar 20 bucks email me

    2. i will buy your cum loads a quart jar 20 bucks email me

  2. I got hard just thinking of doing it for you. Will be in touch...

  3. Hey there. I LOVE your blog. No other blog gets me so hard so fast. I can't even see it in a list of blogs without getting horny. I would love to use your holes one day. Meanwhile, I'm interested in storing up some loads for you but don't know how to go about it. Do I just shoot into a jar and keep it in the freezer?

    We've chatted before, by the way. I host a porn blog ( and we had a nice email exchange a few months ago. I love that you're a filthy cumwhore but you're also clearly intelligent and driven. Makes you even hotter.

    Couldn't find your email address and had to run, so I thought I'd just leave a comment. Drop me a line at if you're interested. I'm not the 20 year old gym stud you're used to, but I'm pretty cute and can be really dominant, especially once I get going.

    Talk to you soon, and keep up the good work.

  4. I have a cum rag. Would you like that?

  5. Email me at, I'm interested