Monday, February 21, 2011


Yes.... I am alive. That time of year where school goes into overdrive - cannot wait for this grind to be over. Appreciate all the nice notes - I noticed that I've eclipsed over 400,000 page views - holy fucking crap - that's a lot of people. Fucking so turns me on though - literally fingering my twat right now with my right middle/index finger in hopes that you'll pause for just a moment, picture it, and pretend that your dumping your baby juice in my hungry twat. God o' god I love being a faggot cumdumpster - TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

Been also busy with the crop of cock I am whoring out for these days. Between balancing classes, workload, friends, and cock, I have an overflowing plate (and pussy). Went on a binge last month to where there were a few moments where my pussy felt so wrecked that I didn't know if I could take more. Don't worry, I did. I always think that, and then I get that email or text from someone or hop online and get him with the IM contingent. Not sure what the average quantity of dick and loads I've been opening wide for recently, but the last day I remember not taking any loads was in early January.

A couple fuckbuds of mine (Caleb and Scott) who met through me and love taggin' my holes together when possible have been talking about getting a group of dudes to pimp my cunt out. Lots of talk, no action on it. However, I got invited to a SuperBowl party where they both happen to be also at. It is not uncomfortable in public with them (unlike some other dudes who act like they've never seen me before when I was riding them like a donkey the day before...), but is discrete nonetheless. Big two story off campus house, TVs upstairs and downstairs, food in the kitchen, keg in the garage. Probably 40pp (mixed) were then when I showed up mid way through the 1st quarter. Knew maybe 10pp there total, was fairly chill with pp in and out, drinking, smoking on the back porch, etc. It wasn't raining at least.

The SuperBowl amazes me because it is the only time that groups of adults collectively stop to watch commercials and half time shows. I never did get to see the BYP since I was in an upstairs bathroom at the time getting stuffed with Caleb and Scott. They didn't cum the first time in there, but upon return to the party, I felt distracted to say the least. During the 3rd quarter I kept making awkward/exhilarating eye contact with Caleb who would give me a devilish grin from time to time. I also noted he and Scott having side conversations with themselves. My cunt was obsessed with finishing the deed and getting some seed. Well, Scott came over and stood next to me, then at an opportune moment told me to head upstairs at the next commercial.

At the next commercial break, I excused myself from the TV huddle and headed upstairs. I went towards the bathroom and passed by a bedroom where Scott, Caleb and two other guys from the party were standing. Scott came over and grabbed me, shut the door behind me, pushed me over towards the rest of them, and then was immediately grabbed by all of them, my shirt yanked off and body felt up, hands going down my jeans straight into my pussy crack, and almost in one movement was placed down on my knees and cocks being whipped out and shoved in my face. I never hesitated and went immediately down to the base of one of their cocks, cock in both hands jerking them off at same time, then getting pulled off onto another cock and having my throat used like their girlfriend's pussy.

I was pulled up from underneath my arms, sat on the edge of the bed, pushed back and pants undone and pulled off along with briefs I had on. I instinctively pulled my legs apart and back into my chest. Then one of Scott and Caleb's friends shoved their cock into me and got a good rhythm going and started talking lots of shit, verbally degrading me, which then go the rest of them going to and they all started rooting each other on, talking about me as if I wasn't even listening. That got me going and along with the beer, I was in slutty heaven.

Then their other friend, who I had seen before, but couldn't place where, shoved a fucking rock hard dick deep into me and pulled my ass towards him and had me position it up a little, then pushed his cock down and the base and started to power drill my pussy, taking it entirely out of my cunt each time and going as deep as possible. That got me moaning and screaming like a little hungry bitch and had me begging for more. Caleb told me to shut the fuck up and proceeded to shove my mouth full of his cock which totally didn't fit considering the position they had me in. He did eventually lower me back down and deep fuck me until he sprayed my hole deep.

In my cock frenzy, I just then noticed that that 3 more guys were in the room watching, hands rubbing their cocks. So, each one of them took a turn on my pussy. It was sort of like Goldilocks & the Three Bears - one fucked me hard and fast, one fucked me deep and slow, and the last fucked me jjjjuuuuuusssssstttttt rrrrriiiiiiggghhhhhhhhtttt. ;-) The first guy who fucked me then took another turn, which at this point my pussy was dripping - 8 loads so far - and fucked my guts out. I am pretty sure it was his room we were in - I saw some pictures of him on a screensaver running on the computer on the desk in the corner. He took a good solid 10 minutes of teasing my pussy, taking some of the cum on my pussylips and on my leg and feeding it to me with his fingers, then fucking me again.

Once he was done, the guys let my legs gingerly come back to earth (you try having your legs pinned to your shoulders for 90 minutes straight through a violet series of fuck sessions!), and then Scott and Caleb helped me up and told me to go get cleaned up. I cracked the door and the coast was clear, so went to the bathroom, turned the light on, started a shower, took a piss and then got in. like 5 minutes later, door opened and it was Caleb. He opened the shower, turned it off, didn't say a word, but turned me around, opened up the slit in his boxers and rubbed it on my cunt. then he slowly sunk his 8 inches in me and pumped me for like a minute and then he grabbed my hips, pulled his ass into him as I felt my pussy wrap deeper around his shaft, and he coated my vagina wall with his seed. mmmmmmmmmmm - felt so fucking good. He pulled out, grabbed my towel and whipped his dick off, then laughed as he looked at me. Asked if I had fun, which I said absolutely. He laughed and said I was the highlight of the game for sure. He then basked in his own awesomeness for a moment bragging about how he and Scott had planned this out and how much of a cumdump I really was and how everyone who lives in this house knows what a fag I am, etc.

Jeezus -- Go Pack Go.