Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break 2011 - Camping In The Middle of Nowhere

Enjoying Spring Break here... a desperately needed break. Entirely thrilled that last term is over. I worked my fucking ass off and think I did fairly decent - had two As and two Bs, plus running a 3.22 GPA thus far. High school was never this hard.

I just used the words 'high school' and 'hard' in the same sentence. HAHA - nice.

I've been doing lots of reflection on this blog. I have said it before, but I am fucking BLOWN away by the amount of traffic this blog gets, the responses I get, the guys I've met or hope to one day meet, what it's role in my life is, etc. I am humbled by all of you so-called 'fans' out there. However, I never set out to have any notoriety, to be shut down by 'the man' at Blogger/Google, to be stalked, to have my identity compromised/stolen, to be approached in public because of this thing. It is just weird and I struggle to wrap my head around it. The net of it is, though, is that I absol-fucking-lutely LIVE & LOVE TO BE A PUSSYBOI CUMDUMPSTER SLUTTY WHORE (tell your friends... ) and love making sure everyone knows what a fucking whore I really am. (did you tell your friends yet?!) The guys who stick their seed in me on a regular basis have no clue about this blog, but I have even fantasized about putting the URL as a tattoo on my back above my pussy. I never will do it, but its a fun thought.

And because I am such a fucking slut, I thought I'd recount the first 4 days of my kewl Spring Break thus far...

Last week I finished up all my finals Thursday morning and then headed about 7 hours north with 4 friends to a cabin in the woods. Very rustic, roof over our heads but no water but had heat and electricity. I was an old Forestry Services lookout cabin I believe - Sweet sweet Louella.... There was zero cell coverage (loved it) and no neighbors within 10 miles in any direction. Was awesome. Took some coordinating ahead of time, but well worth the trouble.

Speaking of these 4 friends.....All of them fuck me. They all fuck me alot actually. My 'special friend' was there along with some of his friends that are in turn my friends too. We rolled in late night Thursday in a slammed packed 4runner and started partying immediately. A case of C-minus, a 5th of captain and cokes and a few 420 bowls thrown in for good measure. I was fucking wasted and ready to roll. I went to the back bedroom (the bunkhouse) and proceeded to get ass naked and went back into the other room. I'm not shy whatsoever and love showing off, so this is not as unusual as one might think. Music was blaring, they were sitting around playing P&A or some drinking game and they all stopped and looked. I smiled and said "I fucking need some cock and loads now. Who is gonna fuck me first?" My 'special friend' grabbed my wrist, pulled me towards him and kissed me in front of everyone. The kiss turned into a full make out session with everyone just watching. I think some southern bluegrass shit was on the iPod on the background. Doesn't matter, he was wasted too and shoving his tongue down my throat rubbing my ass as I sat on his lap facing him.

My friend reached around and started fingering my twat with his middle and index finger and had me turn around and bend over. I was on a football stance with my cunt sticking straight in the air, my friend working open my pussy with me fucking moaning like a bitch in heat. Then the zippers started unzipping and before I knew it, and not a moment too soon, a thick head filled my slutty pussy and I pleaded for more and groaned. After a good initial plowing, I was dismounted and moved into the front bedroom. I got on my back without any direction, spread my legs wide like a good faggot, brought my knees to my chest to get my pussy ready at the edge of the bed. Like a train that is out of control these guys worked my fucking cunt and mouth over. And over. And over. The guys are fucking cool, hot and play off each other for sure which gets me going for sure. I literally passed out after everyone was blown. Not sure if I passed out cause I was so fucked up or from being used like a cumdumpster.

And that was the first night.....

We hiked, we played bochee ball, we drank ALOT, we checked out the so-so Super Moon (wasn't that Super really... I've taken dumps larger than that moon), we hung out and I took cock when and where I was told. I received a good morning cumdump from 2 of them in my throat on Friday, got worked over again by all of them Friday night and Saturday night, I got fucked in every single room in that place - on the front porch, front steps, back porch over a cooler, by the campfire, both bunk beds. It was soooo much fun being an on-call pussyboi for all of them all weekend. And because there was no running water, I smelled like a cum factory on the ride home - I fucking wreaked. LOL. Makes me horny just thinking about it. I love camping and this was definitely one of the better ones in recent memory.

I'm laying low before heading back for Spring term. Being a good slut as always, but many pp I hook up with on a regular basis seem to be out of town. No biggie. I'm working it still, plus my camping trip is keeping me most certainly full.

I can't wait till campus comes back alive - more cock to choose from.....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Blog Is Not Dead Afterall

Yes... I am alive. Yes... the blog has its issues. No.... I have no clue why. However, I think that I have somehow resurrected this thing and it should be alive and well. Still no explanation from Google on why it was deleted and disabled - really strange. Anyways, wanted all to know. ou

UPDATE: Great post here that I think wraps up the circumstances as well as anyone could (thats Dan&Matt for the shout out - I'm honored....):

An aside - have been a TOOOTTTAAAAALLLLL fucking slut recently - groups, gangbang, piss, etc. Have been getting with this fucking gorgeous freshman that is the frickin' spitting image of Taylor Lautner (he and I even talked about it - I wasn't the first to notice) - same complexion, same irresistable smile, lips and eyes, a fat cock - been fuckin' me a few times a week over the last few weeks. Just yesterday he asked my feelings on bringing another into the equation. Hell yes - he isn't sure who yet, but we'll see. So don't worry, up to my old tricks as usual. Just very busy these days and trying to manage everything is nearly impossible.