Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Wrap

Time flies. Ended up having a pretty good summer - some good trips, lots of camping and being outdoors with friends, saw a couple good movies, yada yada yada. School kick starts soon so thought I'd better get to this blog beforehand and provide updates where appropriate.

How Did You Fill Your Summer?
I worked at a ridiculously easy internship at a software company in their marketing department and I worked part-time in a garage doing screen printing for sports teams. I spent time with friends and family. I went on camping trips, went to the Gorge for Labor Day and had a sick time, and of course took plenty of dick to keep this cumhungry cockslut and my hole relatively satisfied.

Who Did You Fuck This Summer?
Easier to list who I didn't..... I fucked guys I've known since high school that were also home for the summer, I fucked guys I met online, met a couple different of you blog readers out there (you know who you are....), whored out online, porn stores in the gloryholes. Some noteworthy fucks are this guy Josh who is this hot basketball player at my gym who has a killer cock (like 8.5+ and very thick), and loves pile driving my cunt after a workout. Met him via my friend Kyle who knows him from school. Another definitely noteworthy fuck is Brenton. Brenton is a guy I met off craigslist - 24, 6'2, muscular, electrician, wouldn't have a clue he loves using guys. He is fucking hot as shit and makes my pussy twitch at the thought of him. I think I'll text him right now..... :-)

How 'bout Them Ducks?
Yes...they are absolutely killing it. 133 points in 2 games and 19 touchdowns. SEC to claim all they want that they are the best conference, but top-to-bottom...I don't think so. Anyways, as most know I have quite a few Beaver friends and a reputation in those parts. They aren't doing that bad either, but still...they're not #5 in the country. I have not had the chance to whore out for them during either of the first two games, but there is talk that they want me for the Cal game. I fucking hope.

A Bot Stole My Identity?
I heard and it's true. I've made some security setting adjustments with my Yahoo account and we'll see. Not sure exactly how to deal, but might force me to change email accounts. Sorry for anyone who has been pestered. Annoying.

What Am I Most Excited About for Fall?
All the fucking hot guys at school - new guys in classes, new guys around campus, freshmen, frats, house parties, etc. Can't wait to see friends and get my party on. And can't wait for football. Love this time of year. The downside of it all is I will have roommates again and a busy schedule so not sure what my schedule will allow for lots of whoring out. Never fear...I will certainly be taking it as often as possible and proactively seeking it out. My pussy and throat are always hungry.


I am off to school for what I am guessing is going to be one pain in the ass semester/year. Should be good hopefully, but time will tell. Will be sure to check in as permitted. I do owe you guys some more cumdump stories - just so much easier to talk about or answer questions versus just sit down and write out an entire experience. The goodness is in the details and don't have the patience for details these days I guess. It'll happen.