Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the New Year Slut Style

It's about 2:30pm new years eve. Been taking dick since 9:15 this morning. My parents are driving me nuts, so headed out with the laptop and kickin' it between loads at various Starbucks. Free wi-fi whips ass.

8:35am - woke up, a little hung over but horny as always. Had 3 text messages unread and 9 emails. 2 txts were booty calls and 1 was from my sister from last night.

8:45am - responded to txt messages after taking a piss and grabbing a breakfast shake. Had a response from 1 within 3 minutes - name is Cade, younger dude I met online last year. I had sent a txt before christmas but hadn't hooked up since summertime. His txt read "sup? sorry 4 delay - whats your ass up to?". In return I had sent "np. its hungry" and his reply was "get here now, come in through sliding glass door in back". I told him "done. be there in 30"

9:18am - rally'd over to Cade's house - nice little suburban neighborhood et. al. Went through side gate and around to the deck. Door was open, let myself in, and there was Cade in the kitchen doing something looking hot as fuck as ever. Dark hair, fantastic skin, gorgeous blue eyes, and a stunning smile. We bullshitted for a second and he came around the kitchen island and came up and asked me to sit down on the couch. He then flipped on some music and walked up and rubbed his cock in my face, asked me how badly I wanted it, I told him so fucking bad, and then got to work his dick through his sweatpants and got it hard and him dry humping my face. Then got the monster out (prob. 7" like mine, but much thick with a phenominal head. Got my neck muscles loosened up for a few minutes and then he told me to take my clothes off. As I did, I watched him do the same - oh my goddddd...... he has been hittin' the gym - boing. Well anyways, he then had me turn around, bend ver the couch and show him my pussy - one of my most favorite things to do so I did not complain. He fingered it for a bit, tongued it just a couple times, then lubed up and fucked me like a cumrag doll. He totally abused my pussy and kept saying "you like that bitch? your pussy feels so good." A great way to start my day and put a shit-eatin' grin on my face. After getting my cunt blasted, he didn't even let me clean myself up and told me to drive home all sloppy.

10:00am (ish) - in my car, head to a Starbucks. Had a few emails to respond to - love free wi-fi - and had a few in my inbox from some guys i"ve been whoring for these last few weeks. I had already texted them last night that I was needing some seed in my cunt when I was half-drunk! So spent the next 30 minutes back and forth on txt and email until got my next destination - 29yo total dom top 8" thick.

10:55am - pulled up to the white house, walked up to the front door and knocked. He answered the door, let me in, then shoved me up against the hall wall as soon as the door closed and locked. Shoved his hand down my pants and felt my sloppy pussy. Asked how many I had had so far and told him 1 - he said that was definitely not enough which of course I agreed. He then began to take my clothes off and then pushed me into the family room where he shoved my head into the floor, degrading me the entire time, and started working his dick into my pussy. He got a good rhythm and then started talkin shit asking how much time I had. I told him as much time as told to SIR. Good he said and then started to make a phone call while he fucked me. He said 'Sup. remember that cumdump I told you about - got him on my cock this moment." and then said "Come on over dude, and bring Brian." He then told me that a few of his friends were coming over that needed some pussy hole. I moaned in ecstacy.

11:30 something - laying on the couch, legs spread, begging for more cum in my pussy. His friends showed - 2 of them - decent looking but nothing that I'll recall as the hottest ass I've ever taken - whatever. I then get spit-roasted with them both going at each hole and the host holding my legs back and wider and encouraging his friend to use my pussy. His friends were not as dom as he was, but had decent cocks and both fucked my pussy and throat and seeded me. I was allowed to shower before I took of since I was fucking disgusting at this point.

1:30pm - grabbed a Subway. 12" roasted chicken breast - cooked, not toasted. ex- tomato, lettuce, onion, chipolte sauce. Fucking delicious.

2:30pm - back here at a different Starbucks. IMing with a couple guys I'm working on getting some before head back to school. One guy is Eric - mid 20s, skinny, kinda cute, lots cum and fucking my holes and aggresive, dom, verbal type - my fav and he loves piss too which is not that common I find.

Going to a party at a friend's house - could be as many of 100pp I'm told. I'm certain there will be some hot cock there, so ideally will get some new years cock and cum as well. Go I love being a slut, I love cum, I love cock and I love being used like a complete and total cocksucking cumdumpster whore. Merry fucking Christmas and Happy fucking New Year. *Shitters full.

*points if you get the reference.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec 23, 2010 - cumslut whore

so here we are celebrating another christmas - WTF happened to the last year?! I have been kicked and pissed on by professors and worked my god damn ass off. I have taken literally countless loads and dick. If I were to even attempt to think about it and try and estimate with any accuracy, I would guess 500 loads this year thus far. Go Ducks. I saw the movie 127 hours - fucking amazing movie -

I have been crazy busy with school and this blog just gets less attention because of it. I might be a stupid slutty total slut of a cumdump, but I actually do have a brain, know how to use it and am the high-driven type. I know where my limits are and have been fortunate to have, generally speaking, those limits respected. However, they do get crossed from time to time. I have also met someone that I am extremely into. He will never be a part of this blog and I have promised him I'd never mention it again. Don't worry, he loves the fact that I am a total cumslut and encourages it more than less!

I do owe one update..... Civil War 2010. When: December 4th, GameDay in Corvallis, OR at OSU. If you don't recall, this will now be my second year going to this game. In any case, Matt, Ross, and Kyle all live together again this year and had me up for some pre-arranged cock whoring. We exchanged a few emails and a texts a few weeks before. So I got myself to Corvallis and arrived at their condo/townhouse sort of thing they're renting. Just the 3 of them. When I got there, they were already drinking and hanging out, smokin bowls, waiting around. As soon as I got there, like within 5 minutes of walking in the front door, I was shirtless in my underwear (briefs guys) begging for their cock. No small talk, no beer, no discussion. They all then effectively had their way with me, throat fucked me like a good cunthole, raped my pussy, made me swallow all their loads. Sidenote: I do have to say that my friend Ross is turning in to one fucking hot motherfucker - hot defined body, amazing stomach, sexy.

We missed like the first 2 minutes of the game but then sat around the plasma and watched the game ins HD. I sucked them all off and on throughout the game. Got a few loads. Also got my pussy fucked again in Jeff's bed. Ducks won (goin to the Natty!) and then the guys told me that they had a bunch of their friends stopped by after the game. Text messages started flyin and within about 20 minutes of gametime, the first guys stopped by. I was taken upstairs to Matt's bedroom when he arrived, was told to get naked and then essentially Matt and Jeff started on each hole and got one of their bud into the thing. Before long, Matt and Jeff were off to the side and encouraging their friend. Then the other guy walked in and there began the constant train on my mouth and cunt for the next like ~3 hours. No clue on total guys, but can recall atleast 6 guys in the room at one time in the room. Think there were more but definitely blacked out some of it cause parts are missing in my memory. Yikes - need to not drink (just not for me).

Needless to say, my friends got a whole session lined up and got all beaver studs dumping on me and in me. Had a couple of notable cocks that felt amazing, and my pussy was disgusting afterwards. Completely layered in cum, and mucus that just coated everything. Not surprisingly, I was totally exhausted afterwards and ended up passing out on Jeff's bed. Woke up like at 6:30 totally out of it. Grabbed my shit and went home to pass out. In all honesty, kinda freaked out and wasn't sure where I was, but was in surprisingly not in as much pain as I would have guessed. Guess all that previous fucking helped in this case!~

I love love love love love love LOVE being a cumslut pussyboi cumdumpster whore. I am certain that it is my purpose in life - I love doing it and I know I'm good at it.

Thanks for everyone's support this year, understanding, and patience. Will blog when I can with no certainty of exactly when. Happy Christmas. Merry New Year.

the cumdump