Friday, January 21, 2011

Ducks, Frats and Fucks

We're back at school, the weather sucks, classes are in full swing and I have been on a tear since new years with the cock. I don't think there has been a day since I got back from break where I haven't had atleast two loads daily. My most was 9 in one day. Cum is so addicting. The Ducks were THIS close to winning the BCS - proud of them, but that loss hurt real bad. Thanks for all the fan mail, etc. Also, I keep getting requests for more pics, videos, etc. Thanks for asking, but I am trying to go a little more incognito online these days since its been brought to my attention that random people out there are using my pics as their own - ridiculous. Anyways, here is a random picture of me camping this past summer - nothing special, but want to keep all you guys happy! ;-) I really do appreciate the support.

Hit a sweet frat party (that is pretty much an oxymoron, but it was cool) that was off the hook. Ran into a guy, Brian, that I met last year in a bathroom here on campus a couple times. I was outside having a smoke and pretty trashed when him and a couple other guys wandered over and started talking to me. Made small talk for a few minutes over the rest of my cancer stick (BTW - I am not a smoker, but will have the occasional one when I'm partying) and then Brian asked what I was doing later tonight. I said I didn't know, but I smiled since I'm not stupid and know exactly what he meant. He said that he and some friends were going to be hanging out later tonight if I wanted to stop by. I played it cool and said that I'd try to make it (but knew without saying it that I was definitely going to be there). I got the directions and then went back to the party.

I couldn't not think about Brian and his invitation. To the point where it was distracting me and was hard as a rock just thinking about it. About an hour later I slipped out without saying goodbye to my friends and headed to Brian's shindig. I walked and had to ditch a C-minus when a cop came around the corner - the last fucking thing I need! Anyways, when I got there, I triple checked the address and then knocked. Some dude answered the door, I asked if Brian was around, he said yea and let me in. The house is kindof a townhouse sort of set up, so had to climb straight up a steep flight of stairs, which opened up to a family room and then a kitchen. There were 5 guys, including Brian, just hanging out. Brian introduced me to everyone, offered me a beer, and then asked if I wanted to see the upstairs. OK........... ;-)

We headed up another steep flight of stairs and I was fucking horny as shit. Watching Brian in front of me and his ass moving as he climbed the stairs. He walked into a bedroom, I followed and he then closed the door without actually closing it shut, and then headed to a desk next to the window, opened his computer and started some music. I asked how he knew all those guys downstairs and he said one was his roommate and the others were friends of theirs. Whatever... was just curious. Brian then just approached, looked me in the eyes and asked if I wanted some cock. I said 'God yes.'. He smiled and said 'I thought so. It has been too long.'. And in one swift motion I was on my knees with my face in his crotch getting his dick hard through his jeans. I then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and worked his hard dick through his boxer briefs.

After literally getting his underwear wet for my tongue and mouth, he told me to get it in my mouth. As always, I obliged, opened wide for his ~7" thick cock, and let his shove it deep down my throat and gag me a little. He then told me to get up, so I did, and he said that he was gonna go get something and for me to get my clothes off and wait. He wrapped up his wet hard cock and pulled the door shut behind him. I got down to my party suit and stood there awkwardly for a few minutes, then heard footsteps and voices outside the door. My heart raced, my cock was standing at attention and I was playing with myself while I waited.

Brian opened the door, looked in, then swung the door open and there were the other guys - well 3 of them - that all just looked at me. Brian then walked in, told me to get back on my knees, he pulled his dick back out and he shipped it across my face, on my tongue and then told his friends to get in on this. Immediately I was surrounded and cocks were coming out of everyone's pants. Brian kept working my mouth as they all yanked on their dicks. After a couple minutes, I was pulled off Brian's dick and was then passed around from dick to dick. They were moaning, telling each other how fucking good it felt. I just kept working it, then felt hands on my pussy, fingering it, rubbing it, and then eventually had cocks in my pussy, my throat and one in each hand - heaven! They all rotated and started dumping seed bareback in my cunt. I could feel it dropping out of my twat down my legs and started to feel my guts get more and more full.

I have only done it a few times, but since these guys were drinking and I'd been drinking early that night, everyone was pissing alot. I pissed all over this guy's carpet twice - LOL. Anyways, I drank a few of their piss loads which was fucking so hot. Was totally my idea but I wanted it bad. I will admit that it is generally speaking pretty frickin' gross, but in the certain situation, it is hot.

But I never actually get full, and these guys were champs - would dump loads, go hit the bathroom, would sit back and watch. They were really fun too because they all were obviously good friends and would stand/sit/lay there and laugh and talk about what I was doing, how it felt, they'd egg each other on from time to time when they were really trying to punish my pussy (I took it like a cood cumdump and never complained and only asked for it more!). This went on for 2.5 hours or so, until we all collapsed in exhaustion and they were not only tired, but were drunk.

I passed out on a bed in the corner of the room, woke up at like 5:30, grabbed my shit and got out of there. No one was in the room when I woke up, but there were two guys sleeping on the couch in the front room as I left. I then got to do the walk of shame in the rain at 5:30 in the morning. I rolled into my place and slept until noon.

Brian emailed me the following day, asked if I was alright, said thanks, and said that they were thinking of playing poker this weekend and would give me a shout. Haven't heard from him yet and am not getting my hopes up, but would absolutely love to find a regular group thing - has been sparse lately.

Keep it real guys. Squeeze it easy.


  1. Welcome back. You are amazing. I love reading your stuff. You do what I only dream about. Go for it.

  2. Hot! I have a couple of questions.

    Two loads a day counts as "sparse lately"? Or do you just mean group action has been (forgive me) hard to come by?

    And...what's a C-minus? I mean, I've heard of the GRADE, but I don't think you had to ditch that when you saw a cop!

    I wanna hear about your nine in one day.

  3. This story is so hot! I shoot a load everytime I read this entry. Wishing you lots more loads for you to blog about!

  4. Twin: Ahhh! That makes sense. Thank you. I couldn't find anything plausible on Google, so it must not have been written about on the net much.

  5. Hey man, I discovered your blog a couple months ago and I am a HUGE fan. I'm graduating from a CA university after this semester and am going to grad school in the fall. I was accepted to OSU and UO and I'll be heading up to visit both schools in March. I would LOVE to meet you in the flesh and breed your ass while I'm in town. If you're interested, email me at

  6. Totally hot! Were these str8 guys that needed a hole or were they gay? Inquiring mind wants to know!

  7. Love your blog. Make me want to b a pussyboi like you. Can we chat on yahoo or google? Still ass virgin here, tons of questions to ask you!

  8. love ur blog; when is the next post!

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