Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Filled By Beaver Nation...(long post / story)

I am still smiling from my day yesterday. I can't honestly remember when I was more satisfied. I wanted to write it all down as soon I got home last night, but just couldn't motivate myself. But I promised an update, so will do my best to sum up the highlights and share whatever details might be interesting to note.

To recap: Yesterday was the Civil War football game and people got way into it. A crew of my friends from high school at OSU invited my up for a party. And yes, it was very clear I was being invited for one thing - to help these guys get off in my hungry holes while they watched the game. I was told to expect probably around 8 of them there and to be there at 5pm.

I woke up and immediately was horny for this game - haven't seen these guys since summertime and I always love brand new cock too. I had a hard time concentrating through the day. I took off around 4:15 and got there about 10 minutes late since I got turned around once I was in lame-ass Corvallis. When I pulled up, it was a white house, had a front porch and my friend, John, and a guy I'd never met were sitting out there having a smoke. I was rock hard and am sure I had a shit-eatting grin on my face. I wore my white Adidas hardshells, AF torn jeans, no underwear, a long sleeve t-shirt, jacket and red hat. I walked up, said hey, got introduced to 'Jason' (more on this perfect creature shortly), made some small talk, they finished smoking, and I followed them inside.

When I walked in, there was a big family room with like 3 couches and a big screen TV. There was a foosball table behind the far couch and a shitty-looking Christmas tree in the corner and had Coors Light cans hanging from it - stay classy Corvallis! Anyways, there were 4 guys just sitting around, playing a video game, drinking, and hanging out. The room went silient as I walked in and John said something like "Look what the cat drug in" and I just kinda waved. I had a mixture of nerves and excitement at same time. I knew two of the four - Ross and Matt - who both were in full gameday gear. We said hey, then one of the dudes I didn't know told me there a keg tapped in the basement. I followed John and grabbed a beer. He and I had that uncomfortable silience working for us, so I just decided to play cool. I filled my cup then headed back to the family room where my other friend, Kyle, had come out as well.

We sat around for maybe 20 minutes, they turned pre-game TV on, and the smack talk was on. They all were talking shit and giving me shit for being a Duck, which is all good. Eventually, everyone was hanging waiting for the game, and Matt sortof just clears his throat and speaks over everything. He said something like 'Hey Will, you ready to play a game?'. I was thinking, hell yes, let the football game begin. So I said yes. He then went on to say (approximate language recalled) 'Good. We created a fun little Civil War game that we want to play with you. Here is how it will go... everytime OSU scores, you suck us off and everytime UO scores, you get your ass fucked like a fag. There are no timeouts, no coin tosses and no halftime. And if OSU wins, then we'll let you come party with us. But if UO wins, your holes will need their own timezone.' Obviously, I did not object.

Ross then started telling their two friends that didn't go to our high school about what a slutty whore I was, how they used to get me to do them whenever they needed it, etc. I kindof got embarrased (and sort of turned on at the same time), but then Ross said for me to get naked cause thats what guys like me do and the game was about to begin. So I hung out totally nude just sort of standing there, catching them checking me out - some more than others. I won't recap the game since you can look it up and find out the score was 37-33 qith UO winning. I was a very busy fuckhole and if my calculations are correct. took 10 loads in my pussy and 4 loads in my throat during the game. They had 2 other friends come by in the first quarter and left and half time. The craziest moment was when one of their girlfriends showed up (I'm still not sure whos) and they freaked out and got her to leave somehow. Of course, they were not so freaked that they made me stop either.

And then the game was over and they lost. At the point, around 9:15pm, they had all been drinking and they were disappointed to say the least on the outcome. With very little effort, they dragged me to a bedroom upstairs, tied my hands above me to a desk, and began to take turns fucking me. They were cussing left-and-right and just pissed off which made them fuck harder. And here is my favorite moment: at some point in this usage, they took a sharpe pen a wrote in block letters 'FUCK THE DUCKS' on my taint and the bottom of my ass. They also invited a few guys over and the 2 guys from earlier back. Not perfectly clear who was there, but I remember the name 'Spencer' for some reason - got a little wild. I still am not 100%, but I think the total collection was 24 loads last night when it was all said and done. No complaints.

My other favorite moment was back when we were downstairs and I think it was during the 2nd quarter and UO scored a TD, 'Jason' from the porch was an amazing fuck. He is smoking hot gorgeous first & foremost and he most likely knows it. Stunning smooth cut-up body, adorable face with a crooked smile, and a perfect cock (I think he is probably 8.5 thick). Well, he couldn't get enough and he fucked deep, hard, called me all the right names and made me feel like a complete cumdumpster. Brilliant. Cannot wait to whore out again for him in particular.

The night began to slow down around midnight. I was untied at some point, so I got up, went to splash some water on my face, then went back to the bedroom and I got dressed. I went downstairs, and just Ross, Matt and Kyle were watching TV and drinking. I told them thanks and I think they laughed. Told me to drive carefully and that maybe they'll have a Rose Bowl party if anyone is around. I think I got home a little after 1 and literally fell asleep instantaneously until 11am this morning.

I had a few emails from some regulars today and I did suck one of them off at his place this afternoon, but otherwise, am feeling satisfied. I was planning an 'open house' this weekend, but I think I'm gonna go cruise the christmas shoppers. Maybe I will do both.


  1. Fuckin hot post. You are one smokin cumdump. Keep taking those loads. If ya get to go to the Rose Bowl I'm sure there would be plenty of Bucks that would Fuck a Duck. I know I would.

  2. Hot as hell dude... shot twice reading it. You should do a tour of colleges and get fucked at every Top 25 school...

  3. Greta idea secdude. Not sure how to logistically make that happen and would be challenging from a financial and schedule perspective, but I am definitely down. So far, I have had it from 4 Pac-10 schools on their campus. It is a good goal to have though. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Fuckin' HOT POST man! Great story! I love "Football Parties"!! They are the best!