Sunday, November 14, 2010

My sister's ex-boyfriend (long post/story)

I have been largely absent from my blog the last few months - that is what a full load (school load...get your mind out of the gutter) will do to you. In appreciation for your patience and due to an overwhelming amount of requests, I decided to take the time to capture my experience with my sister's ex-boyfriend. As noted, this is my top favorite fuck of all time!

When I was a senior in high school, my sister was a sophomore. She was the most popular of all the girls in her class, homecoming princess all three years, prom queen her senior year, etc. She has always been popular with the guys and girls, although I am fairly certain that I've taken way more cock than she has. At some point during her sophomore year, she started dating Reid. Reid was a junior, ran with the popular crowd as well, and was hot as fuck. He was on the JV football team and varsity wrestling. He was maybe 5'10, ~150#, buzzed blonde hair, blue eyes, extremely lean, toned and muscular body - AMAZING six pack, tiny waist, phenominal arms and shoulders. Essentially he was extremely fun to look at, but definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer. You don't have to be when you look like he did.

He was over at our house pretty frequently. And I recall that he was frequently shirtless (as was I....always have loved not having a shirt on as much as reasonably possible). I can remember a particular afternoon when our parent's were gone where Reid and I were standing in our kitchen, both in just shorts and no shirts bullshitting about something or the other. I seriously couldn't stop checking the whole package out - he was fantastic. I remember fingering my twat and jacking off about him many times.

The summer after I graduated, Reid and my sister broke up. I was working and living at home. One afternoon around lunchtime the doorbell rang. I answered it (shirtless again...shocker) and it was Reid. I said 'hey' and told him that my sister wasn't home. He said 'That's fine. I actually am here to talk to you. Can I come in?". Of course that was fine and was extremely curious WTF he wanted to talk to me about. He asked where my sister was and I told him she was at work. He then wanted to know when I thought she'd be home since he didn't want to run into her. I wasn't sure exactly, but guessed later. We went into the kitchen and I sat down at the breakfast bar we have in there and he stood on the other side of the kitchen island. We bullshitted for just a couple moments and then I asked him what was up? He then told me that he had been wanting to ask me something for a while, but wasn't sure how to. He said that he had heard from a couple of his friends from school that I was gay and was wondering if it was true. He also mentioned that he didn't think it was a big deal and that he wouldn't tell anyone, but was curious. I asked him who told him that? He wouldn't name names, which I respect, but just had to know. I told him that I wasn't gay. He then smiled and said something to the effect of "Dude.... I know you are a fag for cock. I've heard stories and I saw pics." On the inside, I kindof freaked out since I knew I was caught and was freaked as hell. I proceeded to try and keep my cool and told him that I wasn't sure what he had heard but I am sure I could explain it.

Reid didn't care about an explanation. He said, "Bro.... you're hot as shit and I could use some relief. Be hot to fuck both siblings in this family." I took one more feeble attempt to tell him that he was mistaken and not sure what to say. He then walked over to the other side of the kitchen island, told me to stand up (which I did) and then laid it out: "You are going to suck me and then bend over and take my cock up your hole. If you don't, I'll be sure to let your sister know what a faggot you are." As you wish.....

I dropped to my knees right there in the kitchen, looked up at him and said "I'll do anything you want me to. Anything." He smiled and said 'I knew it" and then pulled me up from underneath my arm and told me to get naked. I did in a heartbeat and was rock hard. He pulled on my cock and then told me to take me to my room. I walked in front of him up the stairs and down the hall to my room. Once in my room, he told me to beg for his cock. I told him how badly I wanted him, how much I had fantasized about him being inside me and how much I wanted his cum deep in my pussy. He took his shirt off and I got to touch his incredible body which made me even more hard. He laughed and kept just saying "I fucking knew it." He then sat in my desk chair, had me get in between his legs and I pulled his pants down and saw this absolutely phenominal cock. Probably 8.5c and very thick. As I stared at it and jacked it off while on my knees, he said "You like it? Your sister did." I told him 'Hell yes." and I went to work with my deepthroating skills and worked on his dick like an expert cocksucking cumdumpster. I made sure to make eye contact alot, love making the guy know how into it I am.

He then pulled me off, stuck the head of his cock in my mouth, told me to say cheese and took a pic with his camera phone. He promised that it was just for him, but to also make sure I did as I was told. So fucking hot. I continued then to get slapped in the face and on the tongue with his big dick, lapping up his pre cum and he just watched, smiled and moaned every once in a while as I let him use my throat. He pulled me off again like 5 minutes later and told me to get on the bed on my hands and knees. He then again made me look back at him, hold my pussy open and he took another pic. Said it was gonna be his screensaver. LOL. Then he joined me on the bed, fingered my cunt for a while, spit on his cock and worked it in without lube. He had me bucking in ecstacy. He kept saying shit like "Your sister's pussy is tighter than yours." which just made me even hornier. He then stopped fucking me and told me to get my phone. I dashed back downstairs naked and back with it. He told me to call my sister and see when she'd be home. I speed dialed her and she picked up. As soon as I started talking to her, he shoved his cock in my cunt again and fucked me while we talked for a moment. I couldn't get off the phone fast enough. She never did know, but him fucking me took my breath away a few tidmes. Once I hung up and found out she wouldn't be home until way later, he just laughed and fucked me harder.

I lost track of how long it was that he was fucking me, but is honestly and truly one of the funnest, hottest and best fucks I've ever had. He had me on all fours, on my stomach, on my back with my feet on his chest and my legs spread wide, sideways, one our sides from behind, etc. He really knew how to fuck. I don't know this, but I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't the first guy he had fucked. I could care less, but he appeared to have full control of what was happening at all times. He eventually did cum, but wouldn't breed me, but instead just dumped it on my face. And yes, he took a pic of that as well. I then jacked off for him as he watched and cummed all over my stomach and chest. We took a shower together afterwards and he fucked me again in the shower, but wasn't rock hard like before and he didn't cum. Didn't matter, just gave me a chance to feel every iunch of that incredible body of his. We dried off and got dressed.

I asked him again about those pictures and asked if he would please delete them. He told me no and that I shouldn't worry, they weren't for anyone else other than himself. I told him how important it was that no one find out and he understood that and was in the same situation. We hooked up a couple more times that summer. He goes to school now on the East coast, so lost track of him. However, he has my number and knows how to get ahold of me. Reid - if you're out there and reading this, CALL ME! MY PUSSY and THROAT NEED YOUR COCK IN ME ASAP.


  1. Bout time fucker! That was hot. Please drop out of school, get fucked full time and tell us about it.

    Scuze me while I go jack off now!

  2. way fucking hot. wish I could have been that open in school.

  3. Hot!

    I'd love to see your cock-hungry face in the photos he took.

  4. So glad to see you back - I've missed the stories of your hole a LOT! You continue to prove what a fantastic slut you are - and it makes my dick ache with hunger to hear about it.

  5. Why didn't that happen to me when I was in HS?

  6. I love your posts. I tried my hand at writing and post at my new site

    But your writing are the best.


  7. Dude, this is among THE BEST OF THE BEST! You've just inspired the creation of a new feature to my blog. And guess what? This story is DEF gonna be the first listed. FUUUUCKING HOT!

  8. fuckin hot as hell. reminds me of the kid brother of a guy I dated a few years back. fucked him quite a bit too before he went away to college. Way hot.