Thursday, February 23, 2012

Closing This Blog - Find Me On Tumblr

Hello All! Yes, alive and well here. Very well here. Whoring as usual and busy with my usual activities (school, sex, sleep - rinse/lather/repeat). I wanted to let everyone know that I have decided to drop out of the blogspot community - so many better options out there.

You can find me, follow me, message me at my new Tumblr:

Talk soon,



  1. Ooooo...Jock Gangbang Pussyboi Slut...thanks for the message...
    here 's one for are DOUBLY FUCKED!
    You gonna be in a MOVIE!
    FUCK YA!
    Check out the title " ASSHOLE".
    KK...and it's not for KUM- KIDDOMP.
    See you and your name in CANNES!

  2. Much prefer this to your new Tumblr. Would rather see stories about your escapades than just see pix of hot guys you like, pix of hot guys are everywhere......

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