Sunday, March 7, 2010

i'm a slut

thanks for all the nice notes, emails, messages - really appreciated and appreciate your patience. This semester is kicking my ass, so certain things are falling off my plate because of my workload. But don't worry, my whorish ways have not even sort of slowed down. I am beginning to get quite a reputation amongst certain guys here at school which I love. My pussy is insatiable and been taken it like mad. for instance, am sitting here Sunday night with 4 loads in my pussy and also swallowed one from today since noon. Will do my very best to keep everyone updated, but wanted to be sure you knew I was alright, things are going good here, and I will do my very best to send some more specific updates ASAP. Can't wait till Spring Break!!! Heading on a road trip with some friends to Lake Tahoe. Hell yes.
By the way, here is the most current state of the 'cup of cum' for those who are tracking.