Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Blog Is Not Dead Afterall

Yes... I am alive. Yes... the blog has its issues. No.... I have no clue why. However, I think that I have somehow resurrected this thing and it should be alive and well. Still no explanation from Google on why it was deleted and disabled - really strange. Anyways, wanted all to know. ou

UPDATE: Great post here that I think wraps up the circumstances as well as anyone could (thats Dan&Matt for the shout out - I'm honored....):

An aside - have been a TOOOTTTAAAAALLLLL fucking slut recently - groups, gangbang, piss, etc. Have been getting with this fucking gorgeous freshman that is the frickin' spitting image of Taylor Lautner (he and I even talked about it - I wasn't the first to notice) - same complexion, same irresistable smile, lips and eyes, a fat cock - been fuckin' me a few times a week over the last few weeks. Just yesterday he asked my feelings on bringing another into the equation. Hell yes - he isn't sure who yet, but we'll see. So don't worry, up to my old tricks as usual. Just very busy these days and trying to manage everything is nearly impossible.




    Damn, I wish you put up sex pix on your blog. You getting fucked by a TL lookalike would be cum-in-my-pants material for me.

    Glad you're back. I figure some homophobic jerk at Google just got drunk with power and decided to strike a blow for Jesus or Osama bin Laden or whoever psychos like that worship!

  2. Glad your back CumDump. You have been missed.

  3. welcome back. hopefully you will get a backup site in case the Google gods do it again

  4. Glad you are back! Let us know how the 3 or more way goes with your TL lookalike.

  5. Glad you are back. Your adventures are awesome!!,
    You are such a good cum dump!!!

  6. Welcome back! I miss jerking out a load to ur hot adventures! Maybe you should follow Matt & Dan's other advice and move the blog to bestmalediaries.com

  7. hello
    I'm pleased to see that blogger has reopened your blog and I just put it again on my new list.
    thebitchboy has been removed too, I saved everything at a new address.
    Could you please replace the link you have with
    thanks a lot

  8. sounds like a bad joke
    moving again, blogger doesn't want me

  9. heh//so glad ur back; think jockboy is a real boyfriend...ur so good at this; consider doing small ebook short stories at ravenousromance.com; and get paid for these awesome adventures of urs; i think u will only get better as u mature cant wait to read ur new experiences paul

  10. Glad you are back. I hope you don't do something stupid like matt and dan and make your blog private.

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